[u-a-dev] Please, send The kernel developers A following pleasment

Mgr. Janusz Chmiel chmiel at phil.muni.cz
Wed Sep 22 20:07:13 BST 2010

Dear members of this conference,
Unfortunately, i can not determine, where to send my pleasment, so I AM
sending it to this place. If somebody is in good relation ship with some
Ubuntu kernel developers, please let him know about my pleasment.
    Dear kernel developers of Ubuntu,
    I Am very deeply appreciating Yours very complex programmers work.
Without Yours angagement, Ubuntu would be never possible to be so popular
and reliable Linux distribution with excellent hardware autodetection.
But i Am observing very dangerous trend during kernel development.
You are triing to integrate many new device drivers including WEB cams and
scanners. This is ammazing and this is very important activity.
But i would like to kindly please You, be very careful while making
important Kernel modiffications near The end of development cycle of The
upcoming release of Ubuntu versions.
Yesterday, i have tried The daily build of Ubuntu Maverick and i have been
very sad.
I do not know, if some other responsive developers had make some mistake,
but many devices are now unawailable, it is not possible to use many models
of sound carts and and this is very dangerous, also integrated ethernet
network devices.
And computer can not be safely turned off while using it in live mode.
Please, be very, very, very careful while modifiing Linux kernel, aspecially
if released version is in BETA stage and stable release is being planned to
be released in The near future.
I can not use The following computers correctly. I have downloaded The
latest daily live build from yesterday and i have downloaded it
approximately between 20 00 and 22 00 yesterday.
The problematics systems configurations are:
Desktop computer
Mainboard Intel D845 PESV, Sound cart Sound blaster live digital model,
manufactured between Years 2000 or 2002.
CPU Intel Celeron 2000 GH/Z
Second computer
IBM THINKPAT model 2668
512 MB RAM
Sound cart
Soundmax digital integrated audio 
I can use braille device and many USB devices, but sound carts are totally
unusable on The second and also on The first computer.
May be, that this is not kernel issue, that some script developer have made
some mistake, because i know, that there also many complex scripts for
performing hardware autodetection and for loading kernel modules to RAM in
The right time.
But if it is kernel issue, please try to repair it by using kernel source
code, which You have used for generating Ubuntu maverick BETA release.
I have made several backups of this BETA because it is for now The only one
Ubuntu new release, which i can use with my two computers. All older
releases including Ubuntu Beta 10.10 Maverick is running correctly.
I have been also occurred several error messages so Gnome can not be started
I had to close many strange Windows, may be, that some daemons or processes,
which are being started automatically with Gnome are having also issue with
wrong hardware support.
Thank You very much for Yours time.
And please remember, that You have chance to find The error by comparing The
release from yesterday with Ubuntu Beta.
Thank You very much for Yours patience.
If old drivers were removed from ubuntu kernel, i will respect it and i will
use older releases with my old hardware, such as Ubuntu 10.04.
Or latest BETA release.
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