[u-a-dev] Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) installation question

Mgr. Janusz Chmiel chmiel at phil.muni.cz
Sun Apr 19 20:11:53 BST 2009

Dear core developers of Ubuntu. 

    I would like to valuably please You, if You would tell me, if algorithms included in wubi.exe will alow me to install Orca? I did not found Orca choice, only Three visibility schemes and braille schema.

And because i did not known, which option should i type for detecting my Tieman braille voyager Braille device connected throught The USB port, i typed u letter followed by pressing Enter key.

Installation has been completed successfully, login gong has been plaied and i was able to login successfully. But When i activated The run dialog by pressing ALT+F2  and i typed orca, i did not received The speech.

    My opinion is, that You are intensively developing supporting of espeak while Ubuntu is installed to A Harddrive, so Orca is now working only in live mode.

    I Am very very impressed by sound quality improvement, i can hear Espeak with stereo effect and there are no random crashes even in live mode.

This occurred while using latest official Ubuntu Intrepid live CD. Those crashes were always gone when i installed Ubuntu 8.10 to A Hard disk.

But there is now very complex issue, and i think, that solving this will be very complicated for your development team. Because while trying to install Ubuntu Jaunty by using included icon, all choices can be accessed with orca even flat rewiev mode can read all text contents of installation program dialog box. But when installation program is launching disk partitioning to detect disk partitions for installation, Orca is not responding to keystrokes. Letters are pronounced, but no orca commands can be used. I tested this on my two computers, one with 512 MB or RAM and second with 1 GB of ram. I Am afraid, that there are multithreading issue wile using better support for Espeak.

I AM able to use synaptic package manager, core developers of Gnome or YOur development team sucessfully solved The root privileges issue. 

So please would you try to tell me, if wubi can be used to install Orca? I will try to disable Speech in Orca and use live installer only with braille display to determine, if problem is caused by Espeak and other related modules.

Thank You very much for Your answer.

The kindness regards.

Janusz Chmiel
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