[u-a-dev] [Bug 65920] Re: gnome accessibility: Messes up keyboard

Alex Mauer hawke at hawkesnest.net
Wed Mar 28 16:40:44 BST 2007

Since some of my bugs were marked as a duplicate of this one, I'll
enumerate the distinct problems described in those bugs:

There's no way to disable the "shortcut" methods for enabling these
features without disabling all accessibility features (such as
automatically repeating keys when they're held down, a basic feature of
every keyboard I've ever used)

The discoverability of the shortcuts is very low (I don't know of anyone
who would think "How can I make it so my keys don't activate for 3/10
seconds after they're pressed...I know, I'll hold down shift for awhile,
that'll probably do it!")

Once the dialog "pops up" (see bug #31720), the feature it describes is
already active.  This means that the buttons on the dialog in question
("don't activate" and "activate") do not describe what they do
("deactivate" and "don't deactivate" respectively)

gnome accessibility: Messes up keyboard

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