[u-a-dev] [Bug 85171] Re: [apport] soffice.bin crashed with SIGSEGV on close

Emilio Pozuelo Monfort pochu at ubuntu.com
Tue Mar 27 13:35:44 BST 2007

No, I haven't accessibility features enabled.

I've tried to reproduce the crash (as described in Bug #86731):

"I opened a presentation in OO presentation. I closed it, and when it
closed, openoffice told me that there was one document to recovery. I
accepted, and a new blank document was opened in OO writer. Then, I
closed it and it crashed."

After open the presentation, the same message has appeared (to recover a
document), and Writer has opened, but when I've closed it, it hasn't

I'll try to investigate this why whenever I close OO presentation, it
tells me to recover a document (maybe with a clean profile doesn't

[apport] soffice.bin crashed with SIGSEGV on close

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