[u-a-dev] [Bug 82015] eSpeak in Russian

Jonathan Duddington jonsd at jsd.clara.co.uk
Sun Jan 28 21:14:14 GMT 2007

In article
<61325. at panel.lost-oasis.net>,
   Gilles Casse <gcasse at oralux.org> wrote:

> If a screen reader user boots the Live CD using Russian as her
> preferred language, would it be acceptable to offer eSpeak in Russian
> without the add-on?

The additional Russian data only indicates which syllable in a word
should be stressed.

Hopefully, as I've done with English, the rules in ru_rules can be
improved to give the correct result in more cases (for example by
recognizing suffixes and inflections), and the most common exceptions
can be included in the ru_list file, so that the additional large
lexicon isn't needed.  But I can't do that myself.

> More generally, are there voices in eSpeak in a so initial stage that
> they might not be offered by default?

I don't know.  Only someone who speaks the language can say whether
they are useful or not.  Hopefully they may be intelligible.

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