[u-a-dev] [Bug 107357] Re: espeak parameters fixed arrays

Ken kenoste at gmail.com
Thu Apr 19 15:22:34 BST 2007

~$ espeak -v 'testing with a not-so-short-string'
*** stack smashing detected ***: espeak terminated
Aborted (core dumped)
~$ espeak -h

eSpeak text-to-speech: 1.21  01.Mar.07

speak [options] ["<words>"]

-f <text file>   Text file to speak
--stdin    Read text input from stdin instead of a file

If neither -f nor --stdin, <words> are spoken, or if none then text is
spoken from stdin, each line separately.

-a <integer>
           Amplitude, 0 to 200, default is 100
-l <integer>
           Line length. If not zero (which is the default), consider
           lines less than this length as end-of-clause
-p <integer>
           Pitch adjustment, 0 to 99, default is 50
-s <integer>
           Speed in words per minute, default is 170
-v <voice name>
           Use voice file of this name from espeak-data/voices
-w <wave file name>
           Write output to this WAV file, rather than speaking it directly
-m         Interpret SSML markup, and ignore other < > tags
-q         Quiet, don't produce any speech (may be useful with -x)
-x         Write phoneme mnemonics to stdout
-X         Write phonemes mnemonics and translation trace to stdout
-z         No final sentence pause at the end of the text
--stdout   Write speech output to stdout
--compile=<voice name>
           Compile the pronunciation rules and dictionary in the current
           directory. =<voice name> is optional and specifies which language
           Speak the names of punctuation characters during speaking.  If
           =<characters> is omitted, all punctuation is spoken.
           List the available voices for the specified language.
           If <language> is omitted, then list all voices.
||/ Name           Version        Description
ii  espeak         1.21-0ubuntu1  A multi-lingual software speech synthesizer

espeak parameters fixed arrays
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