[Bug 41427] Re: "slow keys" can turn on surreptitiously & cause confusion.

Juliusz Kopczewski 41427 at bugs.launchpad.net
Mon Sep 5 20:25:51 UTC 2011

My proposal is simple: just KILL this "feature".

Rationale: just count number of related bug reports. It is constantly
causing problems. It's very hard to google properly (especially with
keyboard that types one character per second). Just recently I
discovered that Gnome 3 doesn't actually offer any proper dialog to
disable this feature. I had to resort to gconf-editor instead.

It would make any sense, if turning slow keys on by holding Shift would
actually solve anything for anyone. The fact is however that I can't
imagine anyone to whom this would be useful. A less advanced user will
never in the world find out (otherwise than by accident) that holding
SHIFT toggles this function on/off. A person who needs slow keys is as a
matter of fact more likely to disable this feature by accident.

Please, just KILL it. It's been a TERRIBLE idea right from the start.
It's even worse than "Ctrl+Shift switches keyboard layout" under
Windows. Please, listen to your users and just KILL this shortcut. It's
incredibly annoying for the advanced users. Is virtually useless for
those who need slow keys.

If you think otherwise, please give my any explanation as to "what is it
actually for?". I can't seem to see any.

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  "slow keys" can turn on surreptitiously & cause confusion.

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