[Bug 41427] Re: "slow keys" can turn on surreptitiously & cause confusion.

Russell Sears sears at cs.berkeley.edu
Thu Sep 27 17:34:12 BST 2007

Right now, the only workaround is to disable all of the keyboard
accessibility stuff.

I think that each of the accessibility features need an independent
option to disable their keyboard shortcut key under
system->preferences->accessibility->keyboard.  If people that don't have
problems with keyboard use keep turning these things on at random, I
imagine that people trying to use some (but not all) of these features
would also have trouble.

It would also be nice if there was a "never ask me again" button on the
pop-up dialog itself.

Finally, it looks like disabling accessibility features will disable the
keyboard repeat rate stuff.  Once you disable accessibility features,
you see that the repeat rate stuff isn't grayed out, and repeat still
works.  That's less than ideal; it took me a while to figure out that I
could have keyboard repeats and an unburdened shift key at the same

"slow keys" can turn on surreptitiously & cause confusion.
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