[Bug 41427] Re: "slow keys" can turn on surreptitiously & cause confusion.

Steve Alexander steve.alexander at canonical.com
Thu Sep 27 13:54:05 BST 2007

In feisty, a warning box appears.  However, there are problems with it:

 1. the warning box is not a normal window, so it is not visible with a
task button.

 2. for some reason, it often appears underneath the currently focused
window, and that combined with the lack of a task button makes it
entirely invisible.

 3. slow keys gets activated somehow even though the dialog is displayed
and hasn't been okayed.

So, when I find I've accidentally turned on slow keys, I'll later on
find this hidden dialog asking me if I want to enable it.

I think there are a few things broken here.  The most useful change
would be to make the dialog asking if I want to turn on slow keys, to
make it a proper application window.  Then to ensure that slow keys is
not turned on until that dialog is okayed.

"slow keys" can turn on surreptitiously & cause confusion.
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