[ubuntu/trusty-security] openjdk-7 7u131-2.6.9-0ubuntu0.14.04.1 (Accepted)

Steve Beattie sbeattie at ubuntu.com
Mon May 15 23:40:55 UTC 2017

openjdk-7 (7u131-2.6.9-0ubuntu0.14.04.1) trusty-security; urgency=medium

  * IcedTea release 2.6.9 (based on 7u131):
  * Security fixes
    - S8167110, CVE-2017-3514: Windows peering issue.
    - S8163528, CVE-2017-3511: Better library loading.
    - S8169011, CVE-2017-3526: Resizing XML parse trees.
    - S8163520, CVE-2017-3509: Reuse cache entries.
    - S8171533, CVE-2017-3544: Better email transfer.
    - S8170222, CVE-2017-3533: Better transfers of files.
    - S8171121, CVE-2017-3539: Enhancing jar checking.
    - S8172299: Improve class processing.
  * debian/compat: updated from 5 to 9.
  * debian/watch: using watch version 4 to download both icedtea and 
    icedtea-sound. LP: #1642420.
  * debian/repack: simplified tarball download.
  * debian/rules: 
    - removed 8u121 patches as they have been applied to 7u131.
    - building icedtea-sound on build/ directory 
    - replaced 'dh_strip -k' calls by dh_prep 
    - have the 'build' rule depend on 'debian/control' rule to force
      failure if debian/control gets regenerated.
    - added file 'security/blacklisted.cert' to be copied to etc dir
      (introduced by S8011402).
    - simplified build dependencies.
    - removed jtreg's xvfb-run call since icedtea takes care of calling it.
    - removed window manager as there are no additional significant failures
      on the jdk tests when not running one.
    - re-enabled jdk jtreg tests.
    - removed lpia arch.
    - use fonts-wqy-microhei and fonts-wqy-zenhei instead of transitional
      package names.
    - drop Recommends on obsolete GNOME libraries so they are not in a
      default GNOME desktop installation (Simon McVittie). Closes: #850270.
      + sun.net.spi.DefaultProxySelector prefers libglib2.0-0 (>= 2.24)
        over obsolete libgconf2-4.
      + sun.nio.fs.GnomeFileTypeDetector prefers libglib2.0-0 (>= 2.24)
        over libgnomevfs-2-0.
      + sun.xawt.awt_Desktop prefers libgtk2.0-0 (>= 2.14) over
  * debian/control.in: added static build dependencies as their previous
    selection logic in debian/rules is no longer required.
  * debian/control: regenerated.
  * debian/patches/icedtea-sound.diff: removed, now packing icedtea-sound
    1.0.1 which includes those fixes.
  * debian/upstream/signing-key.asc: add new signing key.

openjdk-7 (7u121-2.6.8-3) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium

  * Remove obsolete changelog entries from previous release.

openjdk-7 (7u121-2.6.8-2) experimental; urgency=high

  [ Tiago Stürmer Daitx ]
  * Security fixes from 8u121:
    - S8167104, CVE-2017-3289: Custom class constructor code can bypass the
      required call to super.init allowing for uninitialized objects to be
    - S8164143, CVE-2017-3260: It is possible to corrupt memory by calling
      dispose() on a CMenuComponentmultiple times.
    - S8168714, CVE-2016-5546: ECDSA will accept signatures that have various
      extraneous bytes added to them whereas the signature is supposed to be
    - S8166988, CVE-2017-3253: The PNG specification allows the [iz}Txt
      sections to be 2^32-1 bytes long so these should not be uncompressed
      unless the user explicitly requests it.
    - S8168728, CVE-2016-5548: DSA signing exhibits a timing bias that may
      leak information about k.
    - S8161743, CVE-2017-3252: LdapLoginModule incorrectly tries to
      deserialize responses from an LDAP server when an LDAP context is
    - S8167223, CVE-2016-5552: Parsing of URLs can be inconsistent with how
      users or external applications would interpret them leading to possible
      security issues.
    - S8168705, CVE-2016-5547: A value from an InputStream is read directly
      into the size argument of a new byte[] without validation.
    - S8164147, CVE-2017-3261: An integer overflow exists in
      SocketOutputStream which can lead to memorydisclosure.
    - S8151934, CVE-2017-3231: Under some circumstances URLClassLoader will
      dispatch HTTP GET requests where the invoker does not have permission.
    - S8165071, CVE-2016-2183: 3DES can be exploited for block collisions when
      long running sessions are allowed.
    - S8165344, CVE-2017-3272: A protected field can be leveraged into type
    - S8156802, CVE-2017-3241: RMI deserialization should limit the types
      deserialized to prevent attacks that could escape the sandbox.
  * Ignored
    - S8168724, CVE-2016-5549: ECDSA signing exhibits a timing bias that may
      leak information about k.

Date: 2017-05-12 03:35:13.935487+00:00
Changed-By: Tiago Stürmer Daitx <tiago.daitx at canonical.com>
Maintainer: OpenJDK <openjdk at lists.launchpad.net>
Signed-By: Steve Beattie <sbeattie at ubuntu.com>
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