[ubuntu/trusty-updates] sosreport 3.4-1~ubuntu14.04.1 (Accepted)

Chris J Arges christopherarges at gmail.com
Wed May 10 12:18:20 UTC 2017

sosreport (3.4-1~ubuntu14.04.1) trusty; urgency=medium

  * Release of the current artful 3.4 version that fixes some                                                    
    specific Ubuntu issues :                                                                                       
    - Collection of the OPAL msglog (LP: #1614052)                                                                 
    - Add ZFS sosreport plugin (LP: #1666239)
  * Ubuntu specific modifications to sosreport not yet upstream :                                                  
    - Inclusion of DEP8 tests to verify regression. This is required                                               
      to SRU to a new major version.                                                                               
    - Take into account the iscsi initiator config and logs (LP: #1605243)                                         
    - d/p/0003-plugins-Handle-stat-errors-on-missing-files.patch:
      Properly handle os.stat() when file is missing or broken link

sosreport (3.4-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release v3.4
    New Features include :
        New plugins for :
        * virt-who
        *  nodejs
        *  npm
        *  dracut
        *  juju 2.0
        *  grafana
        *  nfsganesha
        *  collectd
        *  canonical_livepatch
        *  jars
        *  salt
        *  saltmaster
        *  storageconsole
        *  gnocchi
        *  crypto
        *  azure/Red Hat
        *  zfs
        Plugin API enhancements
        Internationalisation updates

  * Debian modifications :
    - Addition of DEP8 tests
    - Do not run Python2 only tests
    - d/p/0002-iscsi-Enable-plugin-for-Ubuntu-and-Debian.patch:
      Take into account the iscsi initiator config and logs

sosreport (3.3+git50-g3c0349b-3) unstable; urgency=medium

  * d/p/0003-iscsi-Enable-plugin-for-Ubuntu-and-Debian.patch:
    Take into account the iscsi initiator config and logs (LP: #1605243)

sosreport (3.3+git50-g3c0349b-2) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Fix sosreport displaying the wrong version number when
    executed (Closes: #850922)
  * Raise the standard version to 3.9.8

sosreport (3.3+git50-g3c0349b-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  New release to allign to upstream release :
    * make class method instance names consistent
    * handle SIGTERM correctly in plugin setup()/collect() phases
    * Mention python3 and update Ubuntu note.
    * replace cluster plugin by dlm in sosreport help
    * plugin tracebacks when net-tools not installed
    * [sssd] Retrieve drop directory conf files
    * [openstack_sahara] capture all sahara* sudoers files
    * [systemd] Collect detailed runtime info on each unit
    * [juju] Get Ready for 2.0 and make it less likely to get too much
    * [dracut] add new plugin
    * [insights] Update some verbiage and collect all log files.
    * [docs] document use of --config with in-tree builds
    * [docker] Gather more data and expand plugin options
    * [osma] add omreport storage controller
    * [atomichost] fix collection of 'docker info' output
    *              improve 'atomic info' collection loop
    *              replace custom logic with Policy.in_container()
    *              fix option list style
    * [grub2] grub2-mkconfig loads ext4 and brctl kernel modules
    * [ceph] skip collecting of all keyring and bindpass files
    * new plugin npm : get project modules and globally installed modules
    * new plugin nodejs: get runtime info
    * new plugin virtwho: for virt-who agent

  Debian specific changes :
    * Fix mknod error in systemd plugin when sosreport is running
      in LXC containers

sosreport (3.3-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release. This release includes a number of enhancements,
    new features, and bug fixes, including:

    - Support for OpenShift Enterprise 3.x
    - Improved and expanded OpenStack plugins
    - Enhanced support for Open vSwitch
    - Enhanced Kubernetes data collection
    - Improved support for systemd journal collection
    - Policy support for the SuSE family of Linux distributions
    - Policy support for the IBMKvm hypervisor distribution
    - Enhanced display manager and 3D acceleration data capture
    - Improved support for Linux clusters, including Pacemaker
    - Expanded CPU and NUMA topology collection
    - Expanded mainframe (s390x) coverage
    - Collection of multipath topology
  * Debian modifications :
    - Addition of DEP8 tests
    - Do not run Python2 only tests

sosreport (3.2+git276-g7da50d6-3) sid; urgency=medium

  * Fix CVE-2015-7529 - predictable tmp files usage

sosreport (3.2+git276-g7da50d6-2) sid; urgency=medium

  * Added comprehensive changelog for previous upload
  * [activemq] - Honour all_logs and get config on RHEL
  * [apache] - Added collection of conf.modules.d dir for httpd 2.4
  * [apparmor] - Capture AppArmor profiles and status
  * [apport] - Add information on specific crashes
             - Move apport logging to apport plugin
  * [atomic] - Add plugin for Atomic Host
  * [block] - add 'blockdev --report'
          - collect /proc/diskstats
  * [boot] - Collect efibootmgr output
  * [ceph] - add calamari-server and librados2 to the package list (upstream/pmoravec-ceph-update)
         - add logs, report and calamari conf
  * [chrony] - add chrony plugin
  * [cluster] - add a couple pcs commands to the cluster plugin
            - add luci to packages for standalone luci servers
            - enable crm_report password scrubbing (upstream/sbradley-cluster_scrub_passwords)
  * [corosync] - add postprocessing for corosync-objctl output
  * [corosync/pacemaker] - Collect corosync-cfgtool -s output / add Pacemaker support
  * [devices] - New plugin to collect "udevadm info --export-db"
  * [docker] - add 'docker' to the package list for Red Hat distros
             - use splitelines() for command output
  * [docs] - add --chroot to sosreport.1
           - add --experimental to sosreport.1
           - Add prominent link to user focused docs
           - add -s/--sysroot to sosreport.1
           - fix documentation of --sysroot parameter
           - update man page for new options
  * [dpkg] - Collect debconf db, add verify and all logs options
  * [etcd] - split etcd functionality from kubernetes into new plugin
  * [firewalld] - work around command hangs in container environments
  * [foreman] - Skip collection of generic resources
  * [gdm] - add journalctl logs and systemctl status
  * [general] - Better handling --name and --ticket-number in interactive mode
  * [global] - make all utf-8 handling use errors='ignore'
  * [infiniband] - add opensm and infiniband-diags support
  * [iprconfig] - add plugin for IBM Power RAID adapters
  * [iscsi] - get iscsiadm -m node -P 1 instead of -P 3
  * [juju] - add generate-bundle option
           - Update log collection to have limits
  * [kernel] - collect directory listings for module updates
             - collect /sys/firmware/acpi/*
             - Collect clock source for all kernels
  * [kimchi] - add new plugin
  * [kubernetes] - add journal output for kube services
                 - add services and pod logs collection
                 - Change 'minions' to 'nodes'.
                 - new plugin
  * [landscape] - 15.01 moves logs files to landscape-server
                - Collect landscape status
                - Move landscape logs, add server support
  * [last] - information about login actions
  * [libvirt] - add listing of /var/lib/libvirt/qemu
              - Collect XML files from /var/run/libvirt
  * [lightdm] - add plugin
  * [logs] - add to storage profile
           - Implement all-logs, limits and small fixes.
           - Remove passwords from rsyslog
  * [manageiq] - New plugin for ManageIQ
  * [memory] - add ksm, swap and vmallocinfo data to plugin
             - collect swapon --show output in bytes
  * [monit] - add new plugin for monit monitoring
  * [mpt] - add plugin
  * [mysql] - Collect log file (upstream/sbradley-mysql_config_file)
            - improve handling of dbuser, dbpass and MYSQL_PWD
            - obtain dbpass from the environment
            - test for boolean values in user and password options
  * [navicli] - catch exception if input is unreadable
  * [networking] - add ethtool -d
                 - additional ip, firewall and traffic shaping commands
                 - brctl command is run when bridge kernel module is loaded only
                 - Collect "ethtool -T $NIC"
                 - Collect plotnetcfg output.
                 - Enable the networking on debian based systems
                 - gather per-namespace ip and ethtool data
                 - improve readability of nmcli handling
                 - iptables: check module version and do ipv6
                 - nmcli status is obtained from the output
                 - re-add 'ip addr' with a root symlink
  * [ntp] - Collect "ntpq -p" output
  * [openshift] - collect additional config files
                - Obfuscate DNS plugin credentials
                - Obfuscate only DNS plugin credential values
  * [openstack] - Add new controller and compute profiles.
                - Ensure openstack passwords and secrets are obfuscated.
                - New Ironic plugin.
                - New openstack_instack plugin.
                - New Openstack Trove (DBaaS) plugin.
  * [openstack_glance] - ensure class naming is consistent
  * [openstack_heat] - ensure class naming is consistent
  * [openstack_horizon] - Only use regex against configuration files
                        - fix legacy component detection test (upstream/bmr-openstack_neutron-pkgcheck)
                        - obfuscate server_auth in restproxy.ini
                        - Obscure passwords and secrets
  * [openstack_nova] - Limit log collection to .log files by default
  * [openstack_sahara] - add new plugin
                       - redact secrets from sahara configuration
  * [openstack_swift] - capture all swift logs
  * [openvswitch] - Capture additional output for OVS bridges.
                  - capture the logs
                  - dump and capture the database
  * [ovirt] - Collect engine tunables and domain information.
            - obfuscate passwords in aaa profiles
            - remove ovirt-engine setup answer file password leak
            - remove password leak from engine setup answer file
            - remove password leak from ovirt-engine setup answer file
  * [pci] - simplify lspci collection
  * [pcp] - collect /etc/pcp.conf
  * [rabbitmq] - Added cluster_status command output
  * [policies] - add container support to Red Hat policy
               - Add support for IBM PowerKVM/ZKVM platform
               - run PackageManager query_command under timeout
  * [policies/redhat] - add Red Hat Atomic Host policy
  * [policies/redhat] - automatically set tmp_dir in containers
  * [postgresql] - don't warn if dbname is not set
  * [powerpc] - allow PowerPC plugin to run on ppc64le
  * [process] - Collect few "ps" outputs
              - collect /proc/sched_debug
  * [ptp] - Add new plugin for Precision time protocol
  * [puppet] - adding new plugin for puppet (upstream/sbradley-puppet-new_plugin)
  * [qpid_dispatch] - add new plugin for Qpid Dispatch
  * [rabbitmq] - Add list_policies output for the default virtual host.
  * [saphana] - add SAP HANA plugin
  * [sapnw] - Add check if saphostctrl is not present
            - add SAP NetWeaver plugin
            - add 'sapnw' as member of the 'sap' profile
            - add sybase ASE collection
  * [satellite] - remove explicit gathering of Tomcat info
  * [selinux] - capture process SELinux domains
              - fixfiles produces no useful output, use restorecon
  * [services] - add "ls /var/lock/subsys"
  * [sosreport] - add --chroot option
                - add --sysroot option
                - disable the 'zip' compression type
                - log plugin exceptions to a file
  * [sosreport,plugin] - add --experimental and ExperimentalPlugin tag
  * [squid] - collect logs from /var/log/squid
  * [startup] - rename plugin to 'services'
  * [systemd] - Collect timedatectl for timezone
              - Enable the plugin for Debian and Ubuntu
  * [sysvipc] - Collect "ipcs -u"
  * [targetcli] - add plugin
  * [tomcat] - add support for tomcat7 and log size limits
  * [tuned] - Collect additional configurations files and profiles. (upstream/sbradley-tuned_config_files)
  * [unity] - new plugin to collect unity-support-status
  * [vhostmd] - add new plugin
              - add plugin to the system and virt profiles
  * [virsh] - add new plugin
  * [x11] - Add xrandr and glxinfo output
  * [yum] - add output for yum history
          - add subscription-manager identity output
          - call rhsm-debug with --no-subscriptions
          - split out subscription-manager into its own plugin

sosreport (3.2+git276-g7da50d6-1) sid; urgency=medium

  * New release that brings in line sosreport with latest
    upstream trunk (commit 7da50d6ee5afce577f02339fdc285891c8485bc0)
  * Fix FTBS on debian
    (Closes: ##805247)

sosreport (3.2-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Profiles for plugin selection
  * Improved log size limiting
  * File archiving enhancements and robustness improvements
  * Global plugin options:
        --verify, --log-size, --all-logs
  * Better plugin descriptions
  * Improved journalctl log capture
  * PEP8 compliant code base
  * oVirt support improvements
  * New plugins: hpasm, ctdb, dbus, oVirt engine hosted,
        MongoDB, ActiveMQ, OpenShift 2.0, MegaCLI, FCoE,
        python, Ubuntu, NUMA, Team network driver

Date: 2017-04-25 15:26:10.168515+00:00
Changed-By: Louis Bouchard <louis.bouchard at canonical.com>
Signed-By: Chris J Arges <christopherarges at gmail.com>
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