[ubuntu/trusty-updates] lxc 1.0.10-0ubuntu1 (Accepted)

Stéphane Graber stgraber at stgraber.org
Wed Jun 21 18:02:53 UTC 2017

lxc (1.0.10-0ubuntu1) trusty; urgency=medium

  * New upstream bugfix release. (LP: #1693002)
    - Security fix for CVE-2016-10124
    - Security fix for CVE-2017-5985

    - attach: simplify lsm_openat()
    - commands: improve logging
    - utils: add macro __LXC_NUMSTRLEN
    - tests; Don't cause test failures on cleanup errors
    - conf: clearly report to either use drop or keep
    - attach: close lsm label file descriptor
    - conf, attach: save errno across call to close
    - templates/lxc-debian.in: Fix typo in calling dpkg with
      --print-foreign-architectures option
    - templates/lxc-debian.in: handle ppc hostarch -> powerpc
    - Fix regression in errno handling cherry-pick
    - don't try to get stuff from /usr/lib/systemd on the host
    - lxc-opensuse: rm poweroff.target -> sigpwr.target copy
    - Add --enable-gnutls option
    - tests: skip unpriv tests on broken overlay module
    - Use AC_HEADER_MAJOR to detect major()/minor()/makedev()
    - Make lxc-start-ephemeral Python 3.2-compatible
    - systemd: enable delegate in service file
    - confile: clear lxc.network..ipv{4,6} when empty
    - seccomp: allow x32 guests on amd64 hosts.
    - squeeze is not a supported release anymore, drop the key
    - seccomp: set SCMP_FLTATR_ATL_TSKIP if available
    - lxc-checkconfig: verify new[ug]idmap are setuid-root
    - python3: Deal with potential NULL char*
    - lxc-download.in / allow setting keyserver from env
    - lxc-download.in / Document keyserver change in help
    - Change variable check to match existing style
    - tests: Support running on IPv6 networks
    - tests: Kill containers (don't wait for shutdown)
    - Fix opening wrong file in suggest_default_idmap
    - lxc_setup_tios(): Ignore SIGTTOU and SIGTTIN signals
    - Increased buffer length in print_stats()
    - remove obsolete note about api stability
    - conf: less error prone pointer access
    - create ISSUE_TEMPLATE.md
    - issue template: fix typo
    - conf: order mount options
    - commands: avoid NULL pointer dereference
    - commands: non-functional changes
    - lxccontainer: avoid NULL pointer dereference

Date: 2017-05-23 19:18:11.069721+00:00
Changed-By: Stéphane Graber <stgraber at stgraber.org>
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