[ubuntu/trusty-security] openjdk-7 7u101-2.6.6-0ubuntu0.14.04.1 (Accepted)

Steve Beattie sbeattie at ubuntu.com
Thu May 5 01:46:37 UTC 2016

openjdk-7 (7u101-2.6.6-0ubuntu0.14.04.1) trusty-security; urgency=medium

  * Backport to Ubuntu 14.04.

openjdk-7 (7u101-2.6.6-0ubuntu0.15.10.1) wily-security; urgency=medium

  * IcedTea release 2.6.6 (based on 7u101):
  * Security fixes
    - S8129952, CVE-2016-0686: Ensure thread consistency
    - S8132051, CVE-2016-0687: Better byte behavior
    - S8138593, CVE-2016-0695: Make DSA more fair
    - S8139008: Better state table management
    - S8143167, CVE-2016-3425: Better buffering of XML strings
    - S8144430, CVE-2016-3427: Improve JMX connections
    - S8146494: Better ligature substitution
    - S8146498: Better device table adjustments
  * debian/patches/jdk-8152335-improve-methodhandle-consistency.patch:
    removed, fix is upstream since 2.6.5
  * Disable arm32-jit for armhf and armel, broken by hotspot security patches.

openjdk-7 (7u95-2.6.4-3) experimental; urgency=medium

  [ Tiago Stürmer Daitx ]
  * SECURITY UPDATE: Applies to client deployment of Java only. This
    vulnerability can be exploited only through sandboxed Java Web Start
    applications and sandboxed Java applets.
    - d/p/jdk-8152335-improve-methodhandle-consistency.patch: S8152335,
      CVE-2016-0636: Improve MethodHandle consistency

  [ Matthias Klose ]
  * Use internal tzdata for builds in stretch, unstable, experimental.
    Closes: #818308.

openjdk-7 (7u95-2.6.4-2) experimental; urgency=medium

  * Upload to experimental.

openjdk-7 (7u95-2.6.4-1) unstable; urgency=high

  [ Tiago Stürmer Daitx ]
  * IcedTea release 2.6.4 (based on 7u95):
  * Security fixes
    - S8059054, CVE-2016-0402: Better URL processing
    - S8130710, CVE-2016-0448: Better attributes processing
    - S8132210: Reinforce JMX collector internals
    - S8132988: Better printing dialogues
    - S8133962, CVE-2016-0466: More general limits
    - S8137060: JMX memory management improvements
    - S8139012: Better font substitutions
    - S8139017, CVE-2016-0483: More stable image decoding
    - S8140543, CVE-2016-0494: Arrange font actions
    - S8143185: Cleanup for handling proxies
    - S8143941, CVE-2015-8126, CVE-2015-8472: Update splashscreen displays
    - S8144773, CVE-2015-7575: Further reduce use of MD5 (SLOTH)
  * debian/patches/it-debian-build-flags.diff: refreshed
  * debian/patches/it-set-compiler.diff: refreshed
  * debian/patches/it-use-quilt.diff: refreshed
  * debian/patches/it-jamvm-2.0.diff: refreshed
  * debian/patches/icedtea-pretend-memory.diff: refreshed
  * debian/patches/fix_extra_flags-default.diff: refreshed
  * debian/patches/zero-sparc.diff: refreshed

  [ Matthias Klose ]
  * Remove obsolete IcedTea configure options.
  * Fix build failure on squeeze (Thorsten Glaser). Closes: #809205.
  * Don't run the test on mips, still having stone age buildd hardware and
    empty promises to fix these issues since 2010.

Date: 2016-04-23 15:42:28.715363+00:00
Changed-By: Tiago Stürmer Daitx <tiago.daitx at canonical.com>
Signed-By: Steve Beattie <sbeattie at ubuntu.com>
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