[ubuntu/trusty-updates] python3.4 3.4.3-1ubuntu1~14.04.3 (Accepted)

Steve Langasek steve.langasek at canonical.com
Tue Oct 20 03:56:27 UTC 2015

python3.4 (3.4.3-1ubuntu1~14.04.3) trusty; urgency=medium

  * Remove the config file from the package, as there is no handling in
    place to deal with this config file on upgrade and it is not appropriate
    for inclusion in an urgent SRU.

python3.4 (3.4.3-1ubuntu1~14.04.2) trusty-proposed; urgency=medium

  * SRU: LP: #1348954.
  * Disable PEP 476 certificate verification, restoring the behaviour to
    the same as found in the 3.4.0 release included in 14.04 LTS.
    Make the default HTTPS certificate verification setting configurable
    using a config file /etc/python3.4/cert-verification.conf.
    The config file and the possibility to configure the default behaviour
    are removed on upgrades to Ubuntu 15.04 or newer releases.
  * Provide some user-friendly advice when `python3 -m venv` fails because the
    python3-venv package is not installed (Barry Warsaw).

python3.4 (3.4.3-1ubuntu1~14.04.1) trusty-proposed; urgency=medium

  * Backport issue #23844 from the 3.4 branch, replacing the 512 bit dh key
    with a 1024 bit one. Triggered by OpenSSL security update in
    trusty-security. LP: #1264554.
  * Fix expansion of makefile macros for _sysconfigdata. Issue #24705.

python3.4 (3.4.3-1ubuntu1~14.04) trusty-proposed; urgency=medium

  * SRU: Update Python3 for trusty. LP: #1348954.

python3.4 (3.4.3-1ubuntu1) vivid; urgency=medium

  * debian/tests: Use init system agnostic "service" command instead of
    upstart specific "stop". Also drop unnecessary "status" call right after
    stopping apport.

python3.4 (3.4.3-1) experimental; urgency=medium

  * Python 3.4.3 release.
  * Changes since 20141202 (3.4.2-4):
    - Issue #22896: Avoid using PyObject_AsCharBuffer(),
      PyObject_AsReadBuffer(), and PyObject_AsWriteBuffer().
    - Issue #21295: Revert some changes (issue #16795) to AST line numbers and
      column offsets that constituted a regression.
    - Issue #21408: The default __ne__() now returns NotImplemented if __eq__()
      returned NotImplemented.
    - Issue #23321: Fixed a crash in str.decode() when error handler returned
      replacment string longer than mailformed input data.
    - Issue #23048: Fix jumping out of an infinite while loop in the pdb.
    - Issue #23165: Perform overflow checks before allocating memory in the
      _Py_char2wchar function.
    - Issue #23099: Closing io.BytesIO with exported buffer is rejected now to
      prevent corrupting exported buffer.
    - Issue #23363: Fix possible overflow in itertools.permutations.
    - Issue #23364: Fix possible overflow in itertools.product.
    - Issue #23366: Fixed possible integer overflow in itertools.combinations.
    - Issue #23369: Fixed possible integer overflow in
    - Issue #23353: Fix the exception handling of generators in
      PyEval_EvalFrameEx(). At entry, save or swap the exception state even if
      PyEval_EvalFrameEx() is called with throwflag=0. At exit, the exception
      state is now always restored or swapped, not only if why is WHY_YIELD or
    - Issue #18518: timeit now rejects statements which can't be compiled
      outside a function or a loop (e.g. "return" or "break").
    - Issue #23094: Fixed readline with frames in Python implementation of
    - Issue #23268: Fixed bugs in the comparison of ipaddress classes.
    - Issue #21408: Removed incorrect implementations of __ne__() which didn't
      returned NotImplemented if __eq__() returned NotImplemented.  The default
      __ne__() now works correctly.
    - Issue #19996: :class:`email.feedparser.FeedParser` now handles
      (malformed) headers with no key rather than amusing the body has started.
    - Issue #23248: Update ssl error codes from latest OpenSSL git master.
    - Issue #23098: 64-bit dev_t is now supported in the os module.
    - Issue #23250: In the http.cookies module, capitalize "HttpOnly" and
      "Secure" as they are written in the standard.
    - Issue #23063: In the disutils' check command, fix parsing of reST with
      code or code-block directives.
    - Issue #23209, #23225: selectors.BaseSelector.close() now clears its
      internal reference to the selector mapping to break a reference cycle.
    - Issue #21356: Make ssl.RAND_egd() optional to support LibreSSL. The
      availability of the function is checked during the compilation.
    - Issue #20896, #22935: The :func:`ssl.get_server_certificate` function
      now uses the :data:`~ssl.PROTOCOL_SSLv23` protocol by default, not
      :data:`~ssl.PROTOCOL_SSLv3`, for maximum compatibility and support
      platforms where :data:`~ssl.PROTOCOL_SSLv3` support is disabled.
    - Issue #23111: In the ftplib, make ssl.PROTOCOL_SSLv23 the default
      protocol version.
    - Issue #23132: Mitigate regression in speed and clarity in
    - Issue #22585: On OpenBSD 5.6 and newer, os.urandom() now calls
      getentropy(), instead of reading /dev/urandom, to get pseudo-random
    - Issue #23112: Fix SimpleHTTPServer to correctly carry the query string
      and fragment when it redirects to add a trailing slash.
    - Issue #23093: In the io, module allow more operations to work on detached
    - Issue #19104: pprint now produces evaluable output for wrapped strings.
    - Issue #23071: Added missing names to codecs.__all__.
    - Issue #15513: Added a __sizeof__ implementation for pickle classes.
    - Issue #19858: pickletools.optimize() now aware of the MEMOIZE opcode, can
      produce more compact result and no longer produces invalid output if
      input data contains MEMOIZE opcodes together with PUT or BINPUT opcodes.
    - Issue #22095: Fixed HTTPConnection.set_tunnel with default port.
      The port value in the host header was set to "None".
    - Issue #23016: A warning no longer produces an AttributeError when the
      program is run with pythonw.exe.
    - Issue #21775: shutil.copytree(): fix crash when copying to VFAT. An
      exception handler assumed that that OSError objects always have a
      'winerror' attribute.  That is not the case, so the exception handler
      itself raised AttributeError when run on Linux (and, presumably,
      any other non-Windows OS).
    - Issue #1218234: Fix inspect.getsource() to load updated source of
      reloaded module.
    - Issue #22959: In the constructor of http.client.HTTPSConnection, prefer
      the context's check_hostname attribute over the *check_hostname*
    - Issue #23009: Make sure selectors.EpollSelecrtor.select() works when no
      FD is registered.
    - Issue #20577: Configuration of the max line length for the
      FormatParagraph extension has been moved from the General tab of the
      Idle preferences dialog to the FormatParagraph tab of the Config
      Extensions dialog.
    - Issue #16893: Update Idle doc chapter to match current Idle and add new
    - Issue #23180: Rename IDLE "Windows" menu item to "Window".
    - Issue #19548: Added some additional checks to test_codecs to ensure that
      statements in the updated documentation remain accurate.
    - Issue #15506: Use standard PKG_PROG_PKG_CONFIG autoconf macro in the
      configure script.
    - Issue #22935: Allow the ssl module to be compiled if openssl doesn't
      support SSL 3.
    - Issue #22079: PyType_Ready() now checks that statically allocated type
      has no dynamically allocated bases.
    - Issue #19548: Update the codecs module documentation to better cover the
      distinction between text encodings and other codecs, together with other
    - Issue #22914: Update the Python 2/3 porting HOWTO to describe a more
      automated approach.
    - Issue #22735: Fix many edge cases (including crashes) involving custom
      mro() implementations.
    - Issue #23399: pyvenv creates relative symlinks where possible.
    - Issue #23392: Added tests for marshal C API that works with FILE*.
    - Issue #18982: Add tests for CLI of the calendar module.
    - Issue #23345: Prevent test_ssl failures with large OpenSSL patch level
      values (like 0.9.8zc).
  * Remove LTO sections from the static libraries.

python3.4 (3.4.2-4) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Fix issue #22935: Fix ssl module when SSLv3 protocol is not supported.
  * Fix issue #16043: Add a default limit for the amount of data
    xmlrpclib.gzip_decode will return. CVE-2013-1753. Closes: #742927.
  * Disable ensurepip for the system installation, only enable it for virtual
    environments. Closes: #772730.

python3.4 (3.4.2-3) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Update to 20141202 from the 3.4 branch.
    - Issue #20335: bytes constructor now raises TypeError when encoding or
      errors is specified with non-string argument.
    - Issue #21971: Update turtledemo doc and add module to the index.
    - Issue #21032. Fixed socket leak if HTTPConnection.getresponse() fails.
    - Issue #22960: Add a context argument to xmlrpclib.ServerProxy constructor.
    - Issue #22915: SAX parser now supports files opened with file descriptor
      or bytes path.
    - Issue #22609: Constructors and update methods of mapping classes in the
      collections module now accept the self keyword argument.
    - Issue #22788: Add *context* parameter to logging.handlers.HTTPHandler.
    - Issue #22921: Allow SSLContext to take the *hostname* parameter even if
      OpenSSL doesn't support SNI.
    - Issue #22894: TestCase.subTest() would cause the test suite to be stopped
      when in failfast mode, even in the absence of failures.
    - Issue #22638: SSLv3 is now disabled throughout the standard library.
      It can still be enabled by instantiating a SSLContext manually.
    - Issue #22370: Windows detection in pathlib is now more robust.
    - Issue #22841: Reject coroutines in asyncio add_signal_handler().
    - Issue #22838: All test_re tests now work with unittest test discovery.
    - Issue #21514: The documentation of the json module now refers to new
      JSON RFC 7159 instead of obsoleted RFC 4627.
    - Issue #22314: pydoc now works when the LINES environment variable is set.
    - IDLE updates.
  * Fix byte-code removal for the __phello__ module (mismatching source
    and byte-code file name). Closes: #769769.
  * Let ensurepip use a temporary location for the copy of the wheels.
    Remove the ad-hoc /usr/lib/python-wheels location on package purge.
    Let python3.4-venv break python3-pip (<< 1.5.6-4).  Closes: #769449.
  * Don't pass default compiler search directories in the pkgconfig file.
    Closes: #770936.
  * Don't run pyexpat.test_exception as an autopkg test, requires a source
  * Allow building and testing without SSLv3 support (Kurt Roeckx).
    Addresses: #768611.
  * Fix issue 22966, when byte compiling, keep the base name of a file
    containing dots. Closes: #769769.

python3.4 (3.4.2-2) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Repackage the upstream source without the bundled ensurepip wheels (using
    package format 3.0 (quilt)).
  * Update to 20141112 from the 3.4 branch.
    - Issue #19524: Fixed resource leak in the HTTP connection when an invalid
      response is received.
    - Issue #22216: smtplib now resets its state more completely after a quit.
      The most obvious consequence of the previous behavior was a STARTTLS
      failure during a connect/starttls/quit/connect/starttls sequence.
    - Issue #22185: Fix an occasional RuntimeError in threading.Condition.wait()
      caused by mutation of the waiters queue without holding the lock.
    - Issue #22182: Use e.args to unpack exceptions correctly in
    - The webbrowser module now uses subprocess's start_new_session=True rather
      than a potentially risky preexec_fn=os.setsid call.
    - Issue #22191: Fix warnings.__all__.
    - Issue #8797: Raise HTTPError on failed Basic Authentication immediately.
    - Issue #21166: Prevent possible segfaults and other random failures of
      python --generate-posix-vars in pybuilddir.txt build target.
    - Idle changes:
      - Issue #17390: Adjust Editor window title; remove 'Python',
        move version to end.
      - Issue #14105: Idle debugger breakpoints no longer disappear
        when inseting or deleting lines.
      - Issue #17172: Turtledemo can now be run from Idle.
      - Issue #22236: Tkinter tests now don't reuse default root window.
        New root window is created for every test class.
    - Tk changes:
      - Issue #22226: First letter no longer is stripped from the "status" key
        in the result of Treeview.heading().
      - Issue #22051: turtledemo no longer reloads examples to re-run them.
        Initialization of variables and gui setup should be done in main(),
        which is called each time a demo is run, but not on import.
      - Issue #21933: Turtledemo users can change the code font size with a
        menu selection or control(command) '-' or '+' or control-mousewheel.
      - Issue #21597: The separator between the turtledemo text pane and the
        drawing canvas can now be grabbed and dragged with a mouse.  The code
        text pane can be widened to easily view or copy the full width of the
        The canvas can be widened on small screens.
      - Issue #18132: Turtledemo buttons no longer disappear when the window
        is shrunk.
      - Issue #22236: Fixed Tkinter images copying operations in NoDefaultRoot
  * Fix maintainer scripts for byte-code removal. Closes: #769079.

python3.4 (3.4.2-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Python 3.4.2 release.
  * Refresh patches.
  * Bump standards version to 3.9.6.

python3.4 (3.4.2~rc1-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Python 3.4.2 release candidate 1.
  * Update to 20140930 from the 3.4 branch.

python3.4 (3.4.1-11) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Update to 20140910 from the 3.4 branch.

python3.4 (3.4.1-10) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Update to 20140818 from the 3.4 branch.
  * Build-depend on dpkg-dev (>= 1.17.11).

python3.4 (3.4.1-9) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Update to 20140810 from the 3.4 branch.

python3.4 (3.4.1-8) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Update to 20140726 from the 3.4 branch.
  * Move turtledemo from libpython3.4-testsuite to python3.4-examples.
  * Call dpkg -L in the maintainer scripts with an architecture qualifier
    for M-A: same packages. Closes: #754914.

python3.4 (3.4.1-7) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Update to 20140706 from the 3.4 branch.

python3.4 (3.4.1-6) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Fix logic to disable running the pystone benchmark on KFreeBSD (Steven

python3.4 (3.4.1-5) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Update to 20140608 from the 3.4 branch.
  * Disable running the pystone benchmark on KFreeBSD.

python3.4 (3.4.1-4) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Disable running the pybench benchmark on KFreeBSD.

python3.4 (3.4.1-3) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Update to 20140605 from the 3.4 branch.
    - pull in pyvenv changes.
  * Update the ensurepip-wheels patch (Barry Warsaw).
  * Fix python3.4-venv package removal.

python3.4 (3.4.1-2) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Update to 20140603 from the 3.4 branch.
  * Remove the __pycache__ directories on libpython3.4-testsuite package
    removal. Closes: #749999.
  * In the autopkg tests, set HOME to the temporary home directory after
    the su call.
  * In the autopkg tests, make $ADTTMP accessible to the su user, and
    re-enable the test_site autopkg test.
  * Don't try to access the pip module in ensurepip, when the wheels
    are not available.

python3.4 (3.4.1-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Python 3.4.1 release.
  * Set a temporary home directory for the build and the autopkg tests.
  * Fix issue #17752, test_distutils failures in the installed location.
  * Update pydoc_data/topics.py, broken in the release candidate.
  * Run again the test_code_module test in the autopkg tests.
  * Fix issue #21264, test_compileall test failures in the installed
    location. Re-enable in autopkg tests. LP: #1264554.
  * ensurepip and pyvenv:
    - Split out a python3.4-venv package, include the pyvenv-3.4 binary
      and the ensurepip package.
    - Adjust the ensurepip patch so that the wheels are installed from
      the universal wheel packages (Barry Warsaw).
    - Let ensurepip read wheel dependencies from a file shipped in the
      -whl packages.
    - Remove any version check on required pip and setuptools versions.
      These are handled within these packages if necessary.
  * Re-enable the pgo build.

python3.4 (3.4.1~rc1-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Python 3.4.1 release candidate 1.
  * Don't run test_code_module in the autopkg test environment, fails there
    but succeeds during the build. See issue #17756. Applied workaround
    for the test case.

python3.4 (3.4.0+20140427-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Update to 20140427 from the 3.4 branch.
  * Fix dependency for the -testsuite package: Closes: #745879.

python3.4 (3.4.0+20140425-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Update to 20140425 from the 3.4 branch.
  * Don't try to byte-compile bad syntax files in the testsuite.

python3.4 (3.4.0+20140417-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Update to 20140417 from the 3.4 branch.
    - Fix the test_site test failure.
  * Repackage as a new tarball and remove the wheels shipped with ensurepip.
  * Re-enable running some tests, disable some tests:
    - Re-enable test_platform, test_subprocess, test_code_module, test_pydoc,
    - Fix a distutils test error, skip a Solaris distutils test error.
    - Skip the test_platform encoding test, failing with the lsb-release patch.
    - Skip tests which are failing with python3.4.zip removed from sys.path.
      Tracked in issue #21249.
  * Byte-compile the files in the libpython3.4-testsuite package.
  * d/p/distutils-install-layout.diff, d/p/site-locations.diff: Adjust the
    "am I in a virtual environment" tests to include checking
    sys.base_prefix != sys.prefix.  This is the definitive such test for
    pyvenv created virtual environments (Barry Warsaw).
  * Disallow running ensurepip with the system python, when not used in
    a virtual environment (Barry Warsaw).
  * Don't yet install the ensurepip module, requires further work.
    ensurepip wants to install bundled modules setuptools and python-pip,
    which should be built from the distro packages instead of using the
    bundled code.
  * python3.4-dbg: Add a python3.4-dbg.py symlink.
  * Remove the linecache patch, not needed anymore in 3.4.
  * Remove the disable-utimes patch, not needed anymore since glibc-2.4.
  * Remove the statvfs-f_flag-constants, avoid-rpath, hurd-path_max,
    kfreebsd-xattrs, freebsd-testsuite and ncurses-configure patches
    applied upstream.
  * Don't add runtime paths for libraries found in multiarch locations.

Date: 2015-10-14 20:01:09.221332+00:00
Changed-By: Steve Langasek <steve.langasek at canonical.com>
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