[ubuntu/trusty-updates] whoopsie (Accepted)

Brian Murray brian at ubuntu.com
Thu Nov 19 19:24:22 UTC 2015

whoopsie ( trusty-proposed; urgency=medium

  * src/whoopsie.c: Send UnreportableReason to the Error Tracker that way we
    know apport's opinion of the crash. (LP: #1382233)

whoopsie ( trusty-proposed; urgency=medium

  * Merge patch from Bryan Quigley to only log when whoopsie's state changes.
    (LP: #1217407)

Date: 2015-11-09 21:28:08.999898+00:00
Changed-By: Brian Murray <brian at ubuntu.com>
Maintainer: Evan Dandrea <evan.dandrea at canonical.com>
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