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postgresql-9.3 (9.3.7-0ubuntu0.14.04) trusty-security; urgency=medium

  * New upstream security/bug fix release (LP: #1457093)
    - Avoid possible crash when client disconnects just before the
      authentication timeout expires.
      If the timeout interrupt fired partway through the session shutdown
      sequence, SSL-related state would be freed twice, typically causing a
      crash and hence denial of service to other sessions.  Experimentation
      shows that an unauthenticated remote attacker could trigger the bug
      somewhat consistently, hence treat as security issue. (CVE-2015-3165)

    - Improve detection of system-call failures
      Our replacement implementation of snprintf() failed to check for errors
      reported by the underlying system library calls; the main case that
      might be missed is out-of-memory situations. In the worst case this
      might lead to information exposure, due to our code assuming that a
      buffer had been overwritten when it hadn't been. Also, there were a few
      places in which security-relevant calls of other system library
      functions did not check for failure.
      It remains possible that some calls of the *printf() family of functions
      are vulnerable to information disclosure if an out-of-memory error
      occurs at just the wrong time.  We judge the risk to not be large, but
      will continue analysis in this area. (CVE-2015-3166)

    - In contrib/pgcrypto, uniformly report decryption failures as Wrong key
      or corrupt data
      Previously, some cases of decryption with an incorrect key could report
      other error message texts.  It has been shown that such variance in
      error reports can aid attackers in recovering keys from other systems.
      While it's unknown whether pgcrypto's specific behaviors are likewise
      exploitable, it seems better to avoid the risk by using a
      one-size-fits-all message. (CVE-2015-3167)

    - Protect against wraparound of multixact member IDs
      Under certain usage patterns, the existing defenses against this might
      be insufficient, allowing pg_multixact/members files to be removed too
      early, resulting in data loss.
      The fix for this includes modifying the server to fail transactions that
      would result in overwriting old multixact member ID data, and improving
      autovacuum to ensure it will act proactively to prevent multixact member
      ID wraparound, as it does for transaction ID wraparound.

   - See release notes for details about other fixes.

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