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webbrowser-app (0.23+14.04.20140324-0ubuntu1) trusty; urgency=low

  [ Alexandre Abreu ]
  * There are 2 ways for the webapp-container to receive a list of
    patterns to filter url browsing in a webapp container: through the
    manifest.json file that comes with a given (named) webapp, or
    through the command line. At the moment, the 2 mechanisms are
    exclusive in the sense that from the webapp-container's perspective
    it only considers one or another when filtering navigation (the
    webapp manifest one being preferred) but they are NOT semantically
    equivalent. The list of url patterns in the manifest.json file is
    use as a mean to filter the urls that are being browsed to, but ALSO
    in the chromium & FF browsers to know if a webapp is to be
    installed/enabled when browsing in a given url. For example, for
    Gmail, the hostname mail.google.com is used as a trigger to ask the
    user for an installation/enablement of a webapp in the browser. It
    is also implicitely used as a filter for browser once in the
    container. The issue is that for applications like google services,
    the authentication mechanism is common. So when launched in the
    container, the user will be redirected to e.g.
    https://accounts.google.com or https://accounts.google.ca, etc. So,
    the manifest.json cannot be modified to account for those, since we
    dont want to install a webapp from those URLs but we need a way to
    add extra navigation url patterns to allow google service webapps to
    be redirected to e.g. https://accounts.google.* etc. We provide here
    2 things: an way for the url patterns passed down from the command
    line to be also considered in the navigation filtering,. a way to
    simplify url patterns for google apps (LP: #1288982)

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