[ubuntu/trusty-proposed] ubuntuone-credentials 14.04+14.04.20140306 (Accepted)

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ubuntuone-credentials (14.04+14.04.20140306) trusty; urgency=low

  [ Diego Sarmentero ]
  * adding files
  * ssolib files
  * adding license
  * SSO Lib working
  * new folder structure
  * updating .pro
  * Fixing some design issues.
  * Improve Error handling in the application as requested by design.
  * Support urls in the --picture argument, to handle download of the
    image from this application.
  * Fix UI flow requested by design for Returning Customers.

  [ Leo Arias ]
  * Cleaned the autopilot tests.
  * Refactor the fake servers to be a thread on the same process,
    started from a fixture on the test setup.
  * Added missing files from previous autopilot fixtures MP. .

  [ Ubuntu daily release ]
  * New rebuild forced

  [ CI bot ]
  * No change rebuild against Qt 5.2.1.

  [ Brian Curtin ]
  * Update the tests.pro file to work with changes to how the library is
  * Add more tests.

  [ Michael McCracken ]
  * Simplify header layout to avoid issues in packaging. (LP: #1190782).
    (LP: #1190782)
  * Improvements to available slots and signals on ssoservice object.
  * Fixes for registration
  * mark two methods of Token as const, and fix a leak from oauth
  * Add QML plugin that wraps login/register and signUrl functionality
    of libubuntuoneauth, and accompanying QML UI prototype
  * Add support for two-factor auth to the ssoservice and QML plugin
    (LP: #1197081). (LP: #1197081)
  * Add error signal for failure cases in Network class - covers
    connection failures.
  * Improve UI, better support embedding into external QML, and add
    embedding example code.
  * Fix credential deletion and expose it via QML plugin.
  * Validate input and show error messages for invalid email, short
    password, etc.
  * add cmake rule to generate qmltypes file for qtcreator integration.
  * Make background of embeddable component transparent, and use smaller
    font sizes to fit better on small screens.
  * Fix typo in signal connection for handleError.
  * set signon plugin name to 'ubuntuoneplugin' as required by the
    signond plugin loader.
  * Ensure initial value of _state variable is IDLE.
  * Add UOA provider plug-in to house login/register UI. Move that UI
    from credentials service plug-in.
  * Fix example code for QML plugin to no longer try to show the
    CredentialsUI that doesn't exist anymore, and improve its comments
    to better explain the remaining API.
  * Re-add a regexp validator to the email textfield.
  * Add minimal Qt/C++ example app and README describing how to use
    libubuntuoneauth to access creds and sign API requests.
  * Add cancel/continue buttons back.
  * Fix spacing and margins of login/register UI. Use default fontSizes
    pending design input.
  * Provide faster visual feedback of activity after clicking
  * Fix flickable scrolling. Fix sizing of nested Columns in LoginForm
    and RegisterForm, and use correct anchors.
  * Improve integration with Online Accounts System settings module.
  * Fix registration errors caused by scrambling parameters due to
    undefined behavior in C++.
  * Fix key focus handling. .
  * Do not leave an empty UOA account in the DB if the user clicks
  * Properly handle switching to the register screen after logging in
    partially with a 2fa account.
  * Add GUI-level autopilot functional test suite to online-accounts-
  * Delete incomplete account when user uses back button to cancel
    account creation. (LP: #1234285). (LP: #1234285)
  * Provide general user-friendly error message for network errors. (LP:
    #1233951). (LP: #1233951)
  * Use email-specific keyboard layout and avoid storing passwords in
    predictive input dictionary (LP: #1235282). (LP: #1235282)
  * Hide keyboard when user submits form, making error message visible.
    (LP: #1231580). (LP: #1231580)
  * Give the two-factor text field focus when shown.
  * Fix behavior of back button on existing account detail page (LP:
    #1237006). (LP: #1237006)
  * Add initial suite of QML unit tests for online-accounts-provider.
  * Improve logged warnings about token creation errors and JSON parsing
    (LP: #1241250, LP: #1241259). (LP: #1241250, #1241259)
  * Add local mock test server and make autopilot tests hit the server.
  * Improve form validation for account registration. Warn about T&C
    checkbox only after all other fields are filled in.
  * Add autopilot tests of registering new u1 account.
  * Cleanup an apparent pythonism - avoid use of 'this->' to refer to an
    unshadowed member variable or function.
  * Remove more superfluous uses of this.

  [ Alberto Mardegan ]
  * Declare that no more than one U1 account should be created

  [ Rodney Dawes ]
  * Remove the app directory and files as we don't need them. Remove the
    generated Makefile as we shouldn't store it in VCS. Remove the
    useless main.cpp. Add COPYING and COPYING.LESSER for LGPL v3. Rename
    lib/core to lib/main to prevent make clean failure.
  * Update the license headers in source files to be correct LGPL.
  * Convert the build system to use a global qmake project. Add the
    rpath for the lib dir to the tests.pro, for running tests.
  * Switch to cmake. Enable -Werror and fix the few existing compiler
    warnings. Ignore all the new extra generated files. Rename the
    library and test program to be more accurate.
  * Merge in the ubuntuone-music-login app code.
  * Move lib to libubuntuoneauth and tests to libubuntuoneauth/tests.
    Create the libubuntuoneauthui and libubuntuoneauthui/tests
    directories for the UI library.
  * Add more tests.
  * Use the correct 'Ubuntu One' for the TOKEN_NAME constant.
  * Store the token information correctly in the keyring. Make token
    creation and keyring usage compatible with ubuntu-sso-client.
  * A new class for registering a log handler singleton. Use the new log
    handler for logging.
  * Clean up usage of debug/warning messages to avoid logging private
  * Refactor the keyring code and some usage of it, to be much simpler.
  * Add necessary support to sign the purchase URL before opening. Use
    the correct attribute name for the token, for ubuntu-sso-client
  * Implement support for the ping URL on Ubuntu One to make account
  * Bump trunk version for development.
  * Work around a bug in liboauth to escape '+' in url path properly.
    Fix qCritical() usage when account pinging fails.
  * Only export the UbuntuOne namespace symbols in the shared library.
  * Add ctors for network requests to use the SSO_AUTH_BASE_URL value.
    Change usage of SSO_*_BASE_URL values to not require ending /.
    Restructure API URL constants to separate path from base URL.
  * Always print critical/fatal messages to stderr. When debug is
    enabled, also print debug messages to stderr.
  * Add the beginnings of a signon plugin for u1.
  * Fix a missing prefix in the substvar in the qmldir that broke
  * Switch from using using the keyring, to storing tokens in online-
    accounts. Add necessary data files for online-accounts storage.
  * Add UOA provider plug-in to house login/register UI. Move that UI
    from credentials service plug-in.
  * Fix a think-o in the qml-plugins install path.
  * Get rid of the UI library pieces that we never used, and don't need
  * Add a pkgconfig file for using libubuntuoneauth in other projects.
  * Pull in the packaging for moving to daily-release. Revert to a
    sensible version for use under daily-release.
  * Clean up packaging a little.
  * Remove the music-login app as we don't use it and aren't going to.
  * Deprecate the API for logging to a file in AuthLogger. Do not log to
    a file in the logging API. (LP: #1175289)
  * Package the autopilot tests.

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