[ubuntu/trusty] mpm-transport (Accepted)

Adam Conrad adconrad at 0c3.net
Sat Jun 21 05:21:24 UTC 2014

mpm-transport ( trusty; urgency=medium

  * Upload to the partner archive.
  * Use source format 3.0 (quilt), since our packaging doesn't match what's
    in upstream git.
  * Update to Standards-Version 3.9.5.
  * Update to debhelper compat level 9.
  * Fix debian/copyright to comply with copyright-format 1.0, and document
    copyright of src/utils/cJSON/.
  * Split library and headers into policy-compliant packages.
  * Don't ship LICENSE.txt in docs; this belongs in debian/copyright.
  * Add cross-build support.

Date: 2014-06-17 07:17:08.941595+00:00
Changed-By: Steve Langasek <steve.langasek at canonical.com>
Maintainer: TI Keystone PPA <ti-keystone-ppa at list.ti.com>
Signed-By: Adam Conrad <adconrad at 0c3.net>
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