[ubuntu/partner/trusty] ti-openmpi (Accepted)

Adam Conrad adconrad at 0c3.net
Mon Dec 15 21:22:35 UTC 2014

ti-openmpi ( trusty; urgency=medium

  [ TI Keystone PPA ]
  * SRIO user space library used inside SRIO BTL
  * Updated module dependency on CMEM 
  * Fix for HLINK (mpm-transport) crash w/o BTLs specified 
  * Makefile.am modified to workaround gcc4.6 dynamic linking issue; two pass
    linking for edma3 and edma3rm
  * Upgrade to new MPM-transport, support 6.25 Gbps with hyperlink
  * Fix uninitialized variable
  * Reduce MPI SRIO memory use to fit into reduced CMEM block
  * Remove sysroot from CFLAGS for srio module (causing err in stdint.h
  * Modified debian control file with Linux headers keystone version
  * sysroot removed from CPPFLAGS in Makefile-in, in srio folder
  * Fixed linux kernel header version extraction, in debian rules file 
  * Update debian control file for libedma3, libmpmtransport and lnx headers
  * MPI version, and libmptransport name typo fixed
  * Code cleanup
  * Update dependency on mpmtransport, cmem, and cmem-mod-dkms
  * Use upstream version for dependencies in debian/control
  * Restore documentation of opal/libltdl copyright/license in
  * Fix for 45th cartridge
  * All transfers in BTL HLINK are (temporarily) made EDMA driven
  * Bump up priority on NREAD requests (so they don't get timed out 
    competing with packet forwarding data traffic)
  * Topology/Routing changes to avoid loops in a cluster (because, 
    there'll be a LSU lock up with an SRIO loop)
  * Packet forwarding fixes to exclude a node's own id, and to have 
    no packet forwarding entries for end point nodes
  * Integrated PDSP firmware based SRIO routing
  * TX side throttling added only during starvation of tx free pool.
  * Manual cache operation restored
  * Debug load for IMB 4 node test
  * Uninitizalized variable fixed in ORTE hostfile.c. It was causing MPMD to
    fail intermittently, with probability increased with number of nodes

Date: 2014-12-13 17:22:10.084072+00:00
Changed-By: dann frazier <dann.frazier at canonical.com>
Maintainer: TI Keystone PPA <ti-keystone-ppa at list.ti.com>
Signed-By: Adam Conrad <adconrad at 0c3.net>
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