Reigniting the Community

Philipp Kewisch philipp.kewisch at
Wed Jul 6 10:42:43 UTC 2022

Hi Technical Board Members,

I am Philipp and I just recently joined Canonical as the Community 
Engineering Manager. I’ve spent the past 16 years in the Mozilla 
ecosystem, most recently managing product operations 
(community/editorial/security) for

The reason why I am here is to provide dedicated leadership to the 
community team at Canonical, and to support the Ubuntu Community to be 
successful. I’ve put myself on a mission to reignite the broader Ubuntu 
community, refocusing and improving on the initiative that Ken announced 
last year. Part of that is making sure the various boards and councils 
have what they need, and taking more of an outside-in view on community.

I’m aware the board is mostly staff driven at the moment, and I’ve read 
various information from the wiki. I’d love to figure out if that 
information is still up to date, better understand how you are making 
decisions and how that interacts with the work our internal teams are 
doing. Furthermore I’m interested in if/how the community is involved in 
decision making, and what the prospects are of a community member 
becoming part of the technical board.

Would you be interested in meeting to chat about these questions? It 
certainly doesn’t need to be everyone, but if I could grab some time 
with a few of you it would be helpful.


Philipp Kewisch
Community Engineering Manager
Canonical <>
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