Proposal for exception to existing fwupd SRU policy

Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre at
Mon Feb 8 22:03:20 UTC 2021

On 2021-01-14 1:08 p.m., Mario Limonciello wrote:
> Hello,
> The existing agreed upon SRU policy for firmware updates
> (firmware-updates - Ubuntu Wiki
> <>) allows for updating the
> fwupd/fwupdate stack as necessary within a given stable
> release series.  This strategy has worked well for a good period of
> time, but recently there have been several things that have changed
> putting it's efficacy into question.


> Because of this collection of issues and the expectation that more
> devices will be supported by newer versions of the stack again in the
> future, I'm wondering if we should adopt a different policy for
> firmware update utilities to allow moving to a newer version of the
> stack in LTS releases.  I would like input from the technical board on
> this.

We discussed this during the TB meeting on January 27; it was agreed
upon[1] that this is entirely the remit of the SRU team. As such, we'll
let them decide on how best to handle this.




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