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Tue May 29 05:36:14 UTC 2018

Hey folks. I already brought [this topic][1] up on our Ubuntu Discourse
instance, but wanted to reiterate it here as I believe that this is
ultimately a decision for the Technical Board.

We have 3 flavors right now that are deprecated and inactive for
development, but according to the release notes, they’re still supported
until April 2019:

 * Edbuntu Trusty Tahr
 * Mythbuntu Xenial Xerus
 * Ubuntu GNOME Xenial Xerus

The issue is that there remains misleading information that could be
particularly problematic for users:

 * all list support methods which do not exist (the mailing lists are it
   and I'm not even sure that's a reliable methodology)
 * the release notes do not provide next steps (even though they are
   sometimes documented elsewhere) for upgrades after support ends
 * for the latter two, there's no clear plan on implementing the final
   point release

I think these issues illustrate a problem that we have: while we have a
great process for integrating a new flavor, we have no process set in
place to allow a flavor to step down considerately.

You can see the discussion hasn't got very far, so I don't know that I
have much to contribute to it, but I would suggest that we have a
user-centric process of some kind that ensures clear access to

I know you are facing the changing of the guard for the Technical Board,
so perhaps it's best to delay this until that change happens, but I
wanted to at least get it on the table. Thanks!


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