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Sun May 3 02:06:12 UTC 2015

Hi James,

On Tue, Apr 28, 2015 at 10:37:56PM +0200, James Page wrote:
> Hi TB

> During the vivid development cycle, we re-factored inline with
> upstream the neutron package into four - introducing:

>    neutron-fwaas
>    neutron-lbaas
>    neutron-vpnaas

> I'd like to request that these three new packages be included under
> the existing MRE we have for OpenStack point releases from upstream.

> Neutron are releasing updates to these three new packages alongside
> neutron itself, so keeping them in sync is important.

> These split out packages are exercised by our existing testing
> activities for OpenStack SRU's.

This looks like an uncontroversial change to me.  I'm +1, and will push the
change to the wiki if I don't hear any objections from other members of the

It does surprise me to see that each of these variants requires a separate
source package in main rather than being built from a single source package,
but I assume that this was already discussed as part of the MIR process when
this first went to main.

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