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Hi Ralph,

On Sat, Dec 19, 2015 at 09:59:07AM -0800, Ralph Castain wrote:

> The OMPI team has been made aware that the current OMPI version available
> on Ubuntu and Debian is quite out-of-date.  I’m willing to update it if
> that would be acceptable, but would need instructions on how to do so.

The OpenMPI package in Ubuntu is copied unchanged from Debian.  If you
believe a newer version of OpenMPI should be shipped in Ubuntu, it's best to
speak first with the Debian maintainers; I've cc:ed them on this reply.

I see that a new version of OpenMPI was already requested in the Debian BTS:
<>.  There has been
discussion there about the delays in updating to the new upstream version;
perhaps you can lend some help to the maintainers in getting this update

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