Ubuntu MATE Remix is seeking official flavor status

Martin Wimpress martin at ubuntu-mate.org
Tue Jul 22 23:31:11 UTC 2014


I'll do my best to answer those questions.

Q1 Image has track record of community interested in creating, supporting
and promoting its use.

A1 The team was only formed a few weeks ago but the core team have been
supporting MATE on various distros for years. I've had one merge proposal
accepted into Ubiquity that adds support for Marco (MATE window manager)
and have another patch pending for im-config.

Q2 Leading members have signed Ubuntu Code of Conduct.

A2 Yes.

Q3 One or more developer with upload rights.

A3 Possibly Alan Pope does but I would actually require upload rights as I
would be doing the bulk of the work initially.

Q4 Flavor lead identified and responsive though 6 month cycle.

A4 I am the Ubuntu MATE lead.

Q5 Flavor QA lead (may be different from flavor lead) identified to
coordinate testing of image at milestones during release.

A5 We have a couple of candidates lined up for this but none confirmed at
this time. We have a small team (6 people) testing the daily pre-releases
that are leading up to alpha 2.

Q6 Follow the milestone and release processes.

A6 We missed the alpha 1 deadline by a week but are on track to hit the
alpha 2 release schedule. We can follow the release process.

Q7 Best effort support from flavor community for security updates and high
priority bug fixes for default 9 month support period.

A7 I've been maintaining MATE on Arch Linux for over a year now, so I'm
already offering best efforts support. Ubuntu MATE has the support of the
core MATE developers and Debian package maintainers so we have a good
support network in place.

I hope that goes some way to answering your questions.

Regards, Martin.
On 22 Jul 2014 23:32, "Steve Langasek" <steve.langasek at ubuntu.com> wrote:

> Hi Michael,
> On Tue, Jul 22, 2014 at 05:21:37PM +0100, Martin Wimpress wrote:
> > My name is Martin Wimpress and I am the project lead for Ubuntu MATE
> > Remix and also a MATE desktop developer.
> > Ubuntu MATE Remix is a community developed Ubuntu based operating
> > system that beautifully integrates the MATE desktop. You can find out
> > more on the official project website.
> >   * http://ubuntu-mate.org
> > All development is conducted on Launchpad.
> >   * https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-mate
> >   * https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mate-dev
> > The Ubuntu MATE Remix project is supported by the core MATE
> > developers, the Debian MATE packaging team (which I also contribute
> > to) and Alan Pope has provided some useful advice during these early
> > days.
> > We released, a very, Alpha 1 and are on schedule to hit the Ubuntu
> > Utopic Alpha 2 schedule with a much improved release. However, I am
> > facing some challenges building the .iso images so they are consistent
> > with the official Ubuntu flavors. After chatting with Colin Watson in
> > #ubuntu-devel he suggested we start the process of seeking official
> > status so that we can merge our changes and ultimately build releases
> > on the official infrastructure.
> > So, long email short, what are the next steps for our project to gain
> > official recognition?
> You probably want to have a look at
> <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecognizedFlavors>, and particularly the section
> on
> "Guidelines to become and remain a recognized flavor".  Can you comment on
> how the Ubuntu MATE Remix is currently meeting these guidelines?
> Thanks,
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