Provisional MRE Request For KDE Telepathy

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Mon Sep 30 20:53:20 UTC 2013

Hello Scott,

Scott Kitterman [2013-09-07  1:20 -0400]:
> The recent extension of the KDE MRE did not include telepathy related packages 
> because we didn't have a good test case yet.  We do now.  The follow the KDE 
> maintenance policy, which is generally similar to our SRU policy.
> We have a set of packages in the queue that I've reviewed.  The package 
> contain bug fixes and translations updates.  I found nothing that would be 
> problematic.
> The packages in question are:
> ktp-text-ui ktp-send-file ktp-kded-integration-module ktp-filetransfer-handler 
> ktp-desktop-applets ktp-contact-runner ktp-contact-list ktp-common-internals 
> ktp-call-ui ktp-auth-handler ktp-approver ktp-accounts-kcm
> I would like to have a provisional MRE now for 0.6.3 in the queue for raring 
> and then based on how that goes, request a full MRE for the set afterwards.

This was officially approved in today's TB meeting. I'll adjust
accordingly now.

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