SRU request for custom unity-greeter indicators

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Fri May 10 11:33:48 UTC 2013

Hello Michael,

Michael Terry [2013-04-30 12:26 -0700]:
> == The rationale ==
> A Canonical customer asked for some new features in unity-greeter. 
> Specifically:
> * The ability to add new indicators to the greeter session
> * The ability to change which user is selected in the greeter (done over
> DBus)
> These changes are only really useful for administrators.  This customer
> is using them for automatically selecting a user based on an inserted
> smartcard.
> Both these features landed in raring.  But for them to be truly useful
> to the customer, they would ideally see the light of day in precise.

This does not change the default behaviour, and happens in an LTS
release, so I'm inclined to agree to this.

> == The details ==
> The patch in that bug adds a new gsettings key
> "/com/canonical/unity-greeter/indicators" which lists indicators to
> load.  Note that this is pulled from the gsettings database under the
> "lightdm" user, not your everyday desktop user.  So a system
> administrator would likely add a system gsettings override file to
> modify it.  Or call "sudo -u lightdm gsettings".

This seems fine.

> It also adds a DBus interface with just one function (SetActiveEntry) to
> set the currently selected user.  This is exposed only on the session
> bus.  Since arbitrary processes cannot be started under the greeter,
> there is currently no real consumers for the interface.  But that's
> where a custom indicator can come into play.  Such an indicator could
> call SetActiveEntry.

I don't really see how this is related to the ability to define which
indicators to load? AFAICS these are really two independent changes,
and thus should be in two separate patches? This second one does
change the default behaviour (the indicator now creating a new D-BUS
connection and exporting an object), so this needs careful testing.



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