Heads Up: Smart Scopes Not Landing

Oliver Ries oliver.ries at canonical.com
Fri Mar 29 16:42:19 UTC 2013

On 03/29/2013 10:35 AM, Scott Kitterman wrote:

>> Q: What about the in-dash purchases feature? Will that be landing?
>> There were some final outstanding issues with in-dash purchases and
>> we are striving to have a conclusion to this ready for early next
>> week (week beginning 1st April).


> Adding the release team to the discussion.
> It's probably worth noting in you summary that the in-dash purchase
> feature has neither an approved FFe nor a sabfl override.  Mark had
> asked for some additional testing.   I'm not quite sure where that
> stands since the recent testing has all been with the new the new
> smart scopes version of Unity that's now not landing. I would expect
> it to need some additional testing with what is now the planned
> version of Unity.

thanks for catching that Scott - we are aware of it and the FFE needs an
update to reflect the current state. I'll ask the team to provide that.

Regarding testing, didrocks is helping the team to isolate the in dash
payments code into a ppa for a final test against Unity trunk. We do
believe in dash payments and smart scopes don't affect each other but
will obviously test it to be certain.


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