Regular Leadership Meeting - Volunteers?

Chris Crisafulli itnet7 at
Mon Mar 18 20:29:58 UTC 2013

Hey there everyone!

Sorry for not replying earlier, I really won't be able to participate in 
any of these meetings due to conflicts with my current work situation. 
Both of the times that were suggested are in the middle of my work 
morning & afternoon. If things do free up, or if I am able, I will do my 
best to attend in the future.

Thanks for your time,

Chris Crisafulli

On 03/18/2013 03:51 PM, Jono Bacon wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 15, 2013 at 10:30 PM, Bhavani Shankar R<bhavi at>  wrote:
>> >Maybe one meeting time at 20 UTC and one at 15 UTC alternate weeks can
>> >cover most of the timezones I guess.
> Sounds good. So why don't we lock in 8pm UTC tomorrow and pick an
> alternate time for the next one in two weeks.
> Can anyone join the meeting tomorrow?
> Thanks!
>     Jono

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