Flavor Review Request for Ubuntu GNOME

Allison Randal allison at ubuntu.com
Mon Mar 4 22:41:04 UTC 2013

On 03/04/2013 02:14 PM, Jeremy Bicha wrote:
> Thanks all for the meeting today. One thing we didn't discuss was
> whether we could use the name 'Ubuntu GNOME Edition'.

Historically, the word "Edition" has a very specific meaning for the
Ubuntu project (briefly referenced in the trademark policy:
http://www.ubuntu.com/aboutus/trademarkpolicy), in that it distinguishes
domains of use like Ubuntu Server Edition, or the old Ubuntu Netbook

Ubuntu GNOME is a "Flavor" rather than an "Edition". Traditions can
change, of course, so it's not an obvious "No", but it needs more review
to get to an obvious "Yes, that's a totally fine name".

Is there a reason you want "Edition" in the name? Rather than just
"Ubuntu GNOME", similar to "Ubuntu Studio"? Or, the popular flavor
naming pattern "Gnubuntu"?


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