Timo Aaltonen tjaalton at
Fri Jan 4 08:37:11 UTC 2013


   I'm requesting a MRE for SSSD. Upstream* generally supports several 
branches at any time; one or two LTM (long term maintenance) branches 
and the latest non-LTM stable branch. The current supported branches are:

1.5.x LTM
1.8.x LTM
(1.10 will be the next LTM)

There is no written policy about allowing only bugfixes on the stable 
branches. Actually, 1.5.x did receive features upstream deemed 
appropriate for it, but the other branches haven't. There is a 
test-suite that is run during package build, but due to the nature of 
the package it's impractical to cover every use case. The stable 
releases are being tested by upstream and the community though (and 
Fedora users which get the updates quickly, RHEL later), so giving a few 
weeks after a release should reveal the regressions a release might have.

SSSD is nowadays _the_ daemon for networked identity and authentication, 
widely used in the enterprise and relied on by Canonical support staff. 
There is an open MIR too, which will hopefully be resolved sometime soon.



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