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Mon Feb 4 20:44:36 UTC 2013

On Tue, Jan 29, 2013 at 07:40:03PM -0500, Andres Rodriguez wrote:
> Request an exception to SRU MAAS to both Precise (and its required
> dependencies) and Quantal.
> (Added for discussion to the agenda)


> MAAS in Precise is obsolete and prevents users from having a full
> experience of what MAAS is and brings to the deployment of bare metal with
> Juju.
> When MAAS was first developed, as the successor of Orchestra, it heavily
> depended on Cobbler to perform the operations it was designed for. The
> first release of MAAS (released in Precise) depended on it (Cobbler) as the
> 'maas-provision' package. However, due to several concerns about the
> maintainship of Cobbler by upstream, as well as some security issues it was
> decided that MAAS should drop the usage of Cobbler eventually.

Indeed - I've understood this as the plan of record for some time.

> When we first filed the MIR for MAAS in Precise, the MIR team review
> pointed out various issues.  After addressing all but three, we were
> granted conditional MIR acceptance. The issues remaining were:
>  - Remove Cobbler copy (maas-provision) [1]
>  - Remove raphael from MAAS source (and use package) [2]
>  - Remove yui3 from MAAS source (and use package) [2]
> These issues were resolved, and released in Quantal.  Quantal MAAS no
> longer depends on Cobbler (maas-provision), and it now utilizes the JS
> libraries from packages in the archive, rather than shipping them along
> with MAAS source. Because the new MAAS release dropped the usage of Cobbler
> and introduced new features to replace the latter, it was decided not to
> SRU MAAS from Quantal to Precise until MAAS matured, and several of the
> possible (and actual) issues were resolved. Throughout the Quantal cycle,
> the MAAS team and the Ubuntu Server Team worked together to resolve various
> issues and make sure that the user experience is great.

I agree with Steve's position on this.

> In order for us to ensure that MAAS provides a great user experience, and a
> critical bug free software, it is important that we SRU MAAS [3] to both
> Quantal and Precise. The SRU involves:

With Steve's amendments, I'm happy with this.  I'd still welcome
comments from others on the board.

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