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Wed May 9 17:20:45 UTC 2012

Hi Tech Board,

Kate Steward recommended that I should reach out to the tech board on
behalf of the Mythbuntu team to help get agreement around the plan we want
to follow for our releases going forward.  I believe we're a bit different
than the rest of the Ubuntu based flavors in that our users demand much
less churn with their setups as they are generally HTPCs.  We have done
some analysis and consequently found that a majority of our user base
gravitate toward LTS releases.

We currently provide PPA's with stable builds of upstream fixes and new
releases across an intersection of Ubuntu releases as dictated by our PPA
page (  Upstream has integrated (opt in)
statistics for usage, and LTS dominates (OS tab of

So with all of that said, our team all agrees that it makes more sense to
only ship ISO images of LTS releases.  We can continue to provide packages
that work with the archive and misc transitions as the archive evolves
during interim releases.  But not creating ISO images at the new interim
releases, we would help cater to what our users are asking for while being
able to reduce our effort with every cycle in fixing every problem related
to the ISO creation.

We'd still like to spin updated point releases of the LTS releases, but no
new features would be introduced during those point releases.  That way we
can still provide updates for the users introducing new hardware that they
need the support from backported kernels and software stack versions.  So
we'll still be signed up for testing those respins, it should be a lot less
effort than all the bugs that get introduced with interim releases and need
to be fixed constantly throughout the cycle.

What does the tech board think of this proposal?


Mario Limonciello
superm1 at
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