micro release exception for LibreOffice

Bjoern Michaelsen bjoern.michaelsen at canonical.com
Fri Jun 1 10:07:32 UTC 2012


I would like to apply for a micro release exception for LibreOffice. LibreOffice microreleases:

- happen from a low volume stable branch
- are checked to pass all tests during a developer build
- have been published and tested as release candidate by upstream before
  (usually two release candidates: rc2 is final)
- have one sign-off/review up until branchoff of libreoffice-3-5-x from libreoffice-3-5
  (thats usually at rc1)
- have _three_ sign-offs/reviews after libreoffice-3-5-x branchoff
- rc2 packages are uploaded and tested in the libreoffice ppa ~one week before
  upstream release of final
  (ppastats.py in unfortunately broken for copied packages, but the libreoffice ppa has at
  least 10.000 users on the current release -- half of them on amd64, half on i386)



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