Ubuntu Business Remix update

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at ubuntu.com
Tue Jan 31 10:06:14 UTC 2012

Mark Shuttleworth [2012-01-30 23:31 +0000]:
> As a very positive outcome from this, we could ask the team responsible
> for Partner to articulate the standards to which they hold work that
> goes into that archive.

For the record, a while ago we consolidated the Partner and
extras.ubuntu.com policies into


I'm not closely involved in day-to-day partner archive maintenance,
but it seems to me that this is a fairly realistic policy of how
Partner works today.

>  * the standards for that archive should be as high as those for SRU's,
> since we pump updates there to world+dog and the stuff is exposed via
> software center

I can't comment on the real-life situation of this myself, I haven't
closely followed updates which go into partner. But above policy
imposes no restrictions to what kind of changes to already existing
partner packages can be uploaded. We realistically need to be much
more liberal here, as unlike with Ubuntu archive SRUs, we don't have
the option of backporting individual fixes.

>  * we make the same security commitment there as we do for Ubuntu,
> modulo availability of source, so it's the same as restricted in that regard

That would make a fine addition to above policy indeed.

> Would folk be happy if the Partner standards were articulated and
> committed, in the way described? FWIW I've asked the team to hold off on
> publishing till we've explored this fully together, but if we could
> reach agreement by email that would be much appreciated.

For the record, I have no reservations about the "Ubuntu Business
Remix" as it is. I'm still a little unclear about the definition of
what "Ubuntu" is (see my reply to that thread from ten minutes ago),
but that's more related to workflows, policies, and developer
community organization than the actual product.


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