Brainstorm (Re: Minutes of the Technical Board meeting, 2012-02-20)

Jono Bacon jono at
Mon Feb 27 18:23:18 UTC 2012

On 27 February 2012 10:17, Matt Zimmerman <mdz at> wrote:
> The main purpose of the reviews was to provide an official response from the
> development team.  The technical board selected the ideas to respond to, and
> requested help from individual developers to write up a post about each one.
> It may be worth a try if the brainstorm moderators would like to play this
> role, but I think the responses would probably get more priority if the
> request comes from the TB.
> To be clear, I think this is an important and valuable program and I want it
> to continue.  I'm just acknowledging the reality that it isn't working
> as-is.

Agreed, Matt. It just seems that there are two pieces to this work (1)
selecting the ideas and (2) getting feedback from the TB.
Traditionally when we did this we picked the most popular ideas in
Brainstorm. I am just wondering if we could reduce the burden on the
TB if the Brainstorm community summarize the most popular ideas,
remove ones that have already been implemented, and then the TB just
need to focus on gathering the results.


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