Brainstorm (Re: Minutes of the Technical Board meeting, 2012-02-20)

Ian Weisser ian at
Wed Feb 22 21:32:02 UTC 2012

On Tue, Feb 21, 2012, mdz wrote:
> Can we commit to doing this once per release cycle instead?  Or should we
> abandon it entirely?

We in the Brainstorm community see great value in a periodic review and,
of course, want it to continue as often as the Technical Board finds

If there is anything the Brainstorm moderators can do to help, please
let us know.

Based on TB feedback in previous reviews, a great deal about Brainstorm
has changed behind the scenes. We have found ways to more effectively
redirect non-ideas and wishlist-bugs, tightened up moderation and
sandbox standards, and -for the first time- identified what Brainstorm's
goals and deliverables really are.

Ian Weisser
Brainstorm Admin
ian-weisser at

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