Request for ARB dependency rule changes

Allison Randal allison at
Fri Feb 24 19:50:32 UTC 2012

In the ARB meeting today, we discussed the earlier proposal for handling
Lenses and Scopes, and also a new proposal from Stéphane Graber:

We voted and decided to accept the new proposal. To summarize:

- The ARB will maintain a bzr repository for each Lens source package.

- When new Scopes are approved for a Lens, the ARB will add them to the
lens source package, and release an updated version of the Lens source
package including the new Scope.

- The debian/copyright file for the combined source package will note
the separate copyrights for each Lens/Scope author.

- As with all ARB apps, we won't carry any packages over the transition
from one Ubuntu release to the next (e.g. Oneiric->Precise). So, each
Lens author is responsible to test their Lens on the latest release of
Ubuntu and resubmit, and each Scope author is responsible to test their
Scope on the latest version of the Lens and resubmit.

We generally consider this approach to be the cleanest technically, and
the lowest workload for the ARB, so it ranks high on our two greatest
criteria. We plan to re-review the practice at the start of the Precise
cycle, and decide if we need to make any changes based on practical
experience from Lenses and Scopes in Oneric.

This practice involves no policy changes, so doesn't require any action
from the TB, though any comments are welcome.


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