Micro release Exception for Nova, Swift, Glance, and Keystone

Chuck Short chuck.short at canonical.com
Mon Nov 28 14:52:13 UTC 2011


I humbly ask for a on-going micro release exception for the openstack
packages (nova, swift, glance, dashboard, quantum, and keystone) for
oneiric and for future releases. 

The packages meet the requirements according to the SRU Mircorelease
requirements found on

* upstream supports micro-version updates to stable releases:

  The policy for updates to stable releases are found at
  http://wiki.openstack.org/StableBranch. Dave Walker and I are a part
  of the founding members for the upstream stable tree maintainers as

* upstream has a sufficiently high level of regression testing for
  their stable releases.

  Members within the openstack community (including Canonical) are
  preparing infrastructure for regression testing of stable releases.

* regression tests are enabled in the package's build

  Running the test suite has always been ran when the packages are
  built, an example is the following:

If you have any questions please let me know.


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