Micro release Exception for Nova, Swift, Glance, and Keystone

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at ubuntu.com
Tue Dec 20 08:19:24 UTC 2011

Hello all,

Chuck Short [2011-11-28  9:52 -0500]:
> Hello,
> I humbly ask for a on-going micro release exception for the openstack
> packages (nova, swift, glance, dashboard, quantum, and keystone) for
> oneiric and for future releases. 

FTR, I accepted "nova" into oneiric-proposed yesterday, to unblock
this and use this as a real-world example how this works, and what we
need to improve.

Things I noticed:

 * The diff is way too large for us to be able to proofread it, so we
   can't rely on this. (This was expected, I guess)

 * Almost all of the bugs only have an upstream task, and only a few
   have a floating Ubuntu task which was already marked as fixed
   (presumably in precise). There is not currently a way to see which
   of these bugs are now also fixed in -proposed, and which will be
   fixed in oneiric-updates.

 * If you consider it too much hassle to track the release tasks in
   individual bugs, it might be worthwhile creating a meta-bug for
   each update which then gets the results of regression tests, and so
   on. The kernel team is doing that, see e. g. LP #897320 for a
   complete example. (I don't think it needs to be that detailled for
   OS, though)

> * regression tests are enabled in the package's build

That's good, and also necessay. The other thing which is still missing
(or hasn't been mentioned) is how to do integration/system testing --
i. e. testing the actually installed bits, in cooperation with each
other, instead of just the per-package isolated bits in the source
tree. The latter won't catch packaging errors/changes and integration
issues. Do we have a test suite for those, too? This could grow some
DEP-8 metadata, as QA is working on regularly testing all DEP-8
packages in jenkins for precise; it should not be hard to extend that
to oneiric-proposed once it works.

In general I'm in favor of a MRE here given how closely upstream
supports us, but I'd like to see the runtime testing question resolved
first, and see how the current nova SRU goes.



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