Follow up on Default Desktop Experinece for 11.04

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Wed Apr 13 21:02:48 UTC 2011

Kees Cook [2011-04-13 11:39 -0700]:
> The bulk of the UI behavior anomalies were induced by my use of
> focus-follows-mouse. I was told that FFM is "not supported" by
> Unity.

I have always used FFM as well (I just can't live without it, it
seems, as I sometimes want to focus a window (IRC chat) without
bringing the entire window to the foreground). The main issue that I
see is that it's hard to open the menu with the mouse, so I'm using
F10 or Alt+Letter for that. Otherwise it works quite well here, and
I'm pretty sure that you and I are not the only FFM users..

So perhaps these anomalies are also specific to screen/monitor
layout/setup etc.?

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