Archive Administrator Interaction with the Application Review Board

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Wed Sep 22 03:05:12 BST 2010

Now that we are getting close to going "live" with the ARB process, I have 
reviewed to understand how 
this new process will affect the work I do as an Archive Administrator.  
Unfortunately, the role of the archive administrator in this new process is 
not described.

Will these packages still go through New?  Assuming they do, what are the 
special considerations we should give to these packages?  What 
responsibilities do we have for these packages (do we just procedurally waive 
them through since they have been approved by the ARB?  Do we do standard New 
(source and binary) review?  Are we supposed to check that they meet the 
narrowed technical requirements of the ARB process?

I'm assuming this has all been figured out, but just not documented (at least 
where I could find it).  I'd appreciate it if whatever the role is, someone 
would update to cover it.


Scott K
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