micro release exception for bzr

Martin Pool mbp at canonical.com
Mon Sep 20 03:08:21 BST 2010

Thanks, everyone.  Since there do not seem to be any objections, would
one of you please add bzr to

I infer that even after we're added, we should keep nominating
figurehead bugs to kick off each individual SRU?

> IMO, we should generally be running test suites by default on package
> uploads unless there's a very good reason not to; this is even part of
> our main inclusion guidelines.
> The bzr test suite is perhaps larger than most, taking 47 minutes on my
> fairly heavily loaded laptop (so I'd expect it to be faster on most of
> the buildds, with the exception of armel).  But bzr is only uploaded to
> Ubuntu on the general order of once a month; this isn't a serious
> imposition on the buildds, and it would give us assurance we wouldn't
> get from manual runs: for instance, we're unlikely to get manual runs on
> all architectures.
> I'm not saying we have to run it on the nightly PPA builds; that would
> probably be asking too much.  We could also turn it off by default on
> particular architectures if it became a serious problem there, although
> I think that's something we should think hard about.
> The test suite was originally turned off in the package build not
> because it was taking too long, but:
>  * Flip DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS logic on the testsuite until someone figures out
>    why it intermittently hangs under fakeroot.
> The changelog entry dates from January 2007, and I don't know whether
> that has been resolved since then.

I think it's worth giving it a go, because we have fixed a good number
of timing or environment-dependency test suite bugs.  Perhaps I should
propose a change in Natty that turns it back on?


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