Appropriate body for oversight of Marco Rodrigues's status in Ubuntu

Emmet Hikory emmet.hikory at
Wed Mar 24 13:32:29 GMT 2010

Technical Board, Developer Membership Board,
    As the MOTU Council appears to be closing activities, there is an
outstanding item that has not yet been redelegated to another body:
specifically the status of Marco Rodriguez.  The current process by
which Marco may be permitted to participate is outlined in the MOTU
Council list archives (1).  Prior to the final closure of the MOTU
Council (currently in process), it would be ideal if another team
could be identified to receive any application for participation.
Note that I cannot speak for MOTU Council on this, so input from
current council members would be appreciated.  Further, as the person
currently responsible for watching Marco's activities, and maintaining
IRC channel restrictions, I choose to recuse myself from any decision
regarding the appropriate body.


    Thank you.


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