Implementation of delegated development teams

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Mon Mar 15 15:23:06 GMT 2010

Hello Scott,

On 13.03.2010 18:16, Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 08, 2010 at 01:19:15PM -0500, Scott Howard wrote:
>> Currently, the developer path skips the development team
>> stage, so there really isn't an incentive to join a development team
>> (except for bug mail, which is what I use it for). Or do you see two
>> separate paths, a generalist (MOTU) and specialist (specific teams)?

I don't understand what you mean by paths? Do you mean implicit
membership of teams? Do you mean "once I joined team A I can join team B"?

If it's the latter, I can reassure you that you have all the freedom to
apply for whatever upload privileges you need at any stage. You will
just have to demonstrate the required abilities depending on what you
are applying for.

>> 2) It appears that the delegated teams should be made up of people who
>> now currently do not have upload access, and give them upload access
>> to a subset of packages. However, you need someone with upload access
>> to properly vet applicants, sponsor uploads, and start the team. It
>> seems like a "chicken and egg" scenario, unless teams are started and
>> run by senior-level developers

I think that can be easily solved by bringing up the topic of 1) package
set X and 2) upload privileges for package set X up at the same time. :-)

>> 3) Sponsorship for maintained packages will probably still go through
>> universe-sponsors, so I assume individual teams be members of
>> universe-sponsors. However, prospective members for teams should
>> probably also subscribe the relevant team to have someone on the team
>> review their work.

It now simply is "ubuntu-sponsors". Check out

Have a great day,

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