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Kan Zhao browsecode at gmail.com
Thu Mar 4 19:16:43 GMT 2010

Hi technical-board,

I have recently developed a web application (an Apache module called modsir)
which allows developers to publish their source code. It manages thousands
of source code packages at a web site and provides IDE-like source code
browsing in a browser: folder browsing, syntax highlight, symbol definition
link, symbol reference search, outline, and more. Search is available for
each source code package and for all packages hosted at a site. It uses
information generated during package build and compilation, and provides
information for a user to browse C/C++ nested macro expansion. It is best
for developers to explore C/C++ source code in a browse. I would say that it
is a great tool to publish source code packages of Utuntu releases. The best
of all, it is free to use for open source.

At present, a prototype is running at http://browsecode.com. It is easy to
maintain modsir since it does not need a database. If you are interested in
using modsir for Ubuntu release source code packages, please contact me
through email: kanzhao at gmail.com. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Kan Zhao
kanzhao at gmail.com
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