Permissions Reorg: Unifying Sponsorship

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Mon Mar 1 10:40:33 GMT 2010

Hello Daniel,

Daniel Holbach [2010-02-24 15:19 +0100]:
> At the moment we use ~ubuntu-universe-sponsors and ~ubuntu-main-sponsors
> as a means for us to queue up patches/branches that need looking at.
> With the new permissions model this is not suitable any more. Instead I
> went ahead and updated the sponsoring overview that 1) shows which
> packagesets a package is part of and 2) if the person who last commented
> was somebody who can upload the package, is a developer generally or isn't.
> Now I think it makes sense to move to a unified ~ubuntu-sponsors team
> that will make the process even easier.

Thanks a lot for working on this! This makes a lot of sense, so +1
from me as well.


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