Request for standing FFe for Chromium

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Wed Jun 2 13:32:55 BST 2010

Hello Jorge,

Jorge O. Castro [2010-05-05 18:16 -0400]:
> The Google Chrome team just recently released a new beta, and people
> have been requesting for the corresponding Chromium build in Ubuntu.
> fta has explained[1] how the Chrome release process works. At the
> browser session at the last UDS we decided that Chromium should have
> the same kind of policy that firefox has, that is the ability to just
> upload the latest stable however I don't think this was ever finalized
> by the tech board. I don't know if it was ever proposed, so I am just
> communicating Fabien's concern since users keep asking him when it
> will get updated in Lucid and I guess he was under the impression that
> we would just be putting in the updates as they came from upstream.

For the record, this was discussed on yesterday's TB meeting. We do
not want to give a blanket exception without at least having seen a
couple of successful Chromium SRUs.

So it was decided that the SRU team should review and process some
Chromium SRUs until they get confidence in the process, and then
report back to TB for a general exception once there's enough routine
in it.

Thank you,

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