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Alan Pope alan at
Tue Jan 26 19:07:07 GMT 2010

2010/1/26 Rick Spencer <rick.spencer at>:
> On Tue, 2010-01-26 at 09:26 +0000, Alan Pope wrote:
>> Other than revenue data, what specific data about our users is going
>> to be sent back from Yahoo/Google to Canonical?
> This is a very good question. I assume that we will get some kind
> anonymous usage data as part of the "Revenue" data, and I assume there
> will be a breakdown by market. Other than that, I am trying to get
> specifics atm. Since we don't have this implemented yet, no one can log
> in and see what is the report yet :/

If you could find out before the announcement it might do well in
calming some fears as this is likely to be one significant area of
concern for our users - and our detractors.

If you could build a pre-release version of Firefox containing this
change from a trusted developer (asac?) then I'm sure you could find
some people who would be happy to run it for a week before you
announce. I know I would, and I don't even use Firefox as my default
browser. At least that way you'd have some data to look at and have a
set of concrete answers for people.


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